Have to clear main (floor) drain...

angiedfwJune 5, 2011

Ok, my sons had a airsoft war in the back yard, and now there are a lot of pellets that worked their way through the grates of the main floor drains and into the pipes. They can be seen under the grates. Is it possible for me to remove the cover and suction those bbs out of there, or should we call the pool company? This is an 8 1/2' deep pool :(

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If you have a shop vac you could blow them out from your pump if your equipment is level with your pool. Just turn off the pump open your pump lid and place the hose into the port where the main drain valve and skimmers enter the pump with the skimmer lines turned off.Just turn the the shop vac on in the blow postion and reverse blow out the main drain. You will have to use you net to collect the pellets from the bottom of the pool.

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I'll try it. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You should be able to clear the drain from the skimmer. If you look in the skimmer after removing the basket you should be able to see two holes at the bottom. One, typically the front one, connects to the main drain. The other goes to the pump. You could either insert your pool vacuum hose into the front pipe, or connect the two holes together using a short piece of pipe or vacuum hose with the pump running. You should then find the bb's in your pump basket. If you do not see the two holes after removing the basket your may have a 'diverter plate' covering the two holes. It can be removed by hand. The diverter plate has a little 'tear drop' shaped flap that can be adjusted to divert some of the suction to the floor drain. If you close this flap and put the diverter back in place it will effectively connect the two pipe and the bb's should go to the pump basket (provided the pump is running). Make sure you reset the diverter flap once the bb's are recovered. The diverter plate is also a 'low water' shut-off device which protects the pump by connecting it directly to the floor drain in case of low water in the pool. It keeps the pump from running dry (which will damage the pump). If you do not have a diverter plate I would recommend getting one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Del Rancho Pools

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We have a U Drain in our 50 x 60 shop. Placed right down the middle the opening is only an inch max can drive right over it with no issues also wont break an ankle stepping on it. Also very easy to install. I am very happy with it.

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