Cable Railings

allysmomOctober 11, 2010

Does anyone know the story with cable railings? I heard the cables stretch after a time. Any idea of cost per foot? They look good.

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Probably the most expensive rail system out there. They are nice tho.

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There are lots of suppliers of cable railing, do a search. Pre fabbed cables are really the only way to go for the novice. Price is dependent on the run of cable, and there are max. runs.

Yes, the cable does stretch a little bit, but you just tighten back up.

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always wondered how these comply with code. in my neck of the woods you can't have horizontal "balusters" because kids will start climbing them like ladders. Do most places allow horizontal railings?

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Its all local Man.

Some do some dont. J.

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I got a quote of $6600 for 92 feet of railing = $71+ ft for 10 strands. That was installed including posts. For parts the lowest quote I got was $1200 = $13 ft just for the cable and hardware, no posts. I`m doing the posts myself and having them galvanized. $200 in metal and $200 for galvanizing. None of these prices included the top handrail

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