Green Bloom on Granite - update

kellienoelleMarch 26, 2012

The background thread is below, but here is the short story. Had Delicatus granite installed, shortly after noticed some fluorescent greens stains on them, through some kind folks on here found out it was green bloom which is due to a reaction during the finishing/sealing process.

So, here is the update, the granite guys came out today and said that they aren't fixable. The stains are too far in to get out. The guy who came out took some pictures and was going to take them to the owner and we should expect a call from him. Obviously they need to be replaced, I really hope beyond hope that they don't fight us on that fact and replace them. Especially since they are the ones saying that they are beyond repair, I had even printed out suggestions brought up here for my husband to mention, and they didn't seem to think that it would help. I am not really very happy about the news.

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Oh, and the link to the earlier thread. Lots of people offered some suggestions so I don't want the helpful information to "get lost" if people stumble upon this more appropriately titled thread via a search

Here is a link that might be useful: Earlier thread.

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I have been waiting for an update! I sure hope they replace them as it certainly was not your( or nephew's;) fault. Sending you good luck vibes:)

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It doesn't sound like they are going to fight you. Sorry this had to happen, I guess when we get something "new" we think it's synonymous with "trouble-free" but if you hang around here enough you know that's not the case. It will get fixed!! I'm curious what the process is for granite removal, can they do it without damaging cabinets, backsplash, etc? I'm guessing they can but please post how it goes.

Reminds me of the time 2 years after I had hardwood floors placed I had a hot water pipe break and lots of the floors had to be replaced. My beautiful floors with a hole and mud pile in the middle of the DR (plumbing under the concrete slab). I was almost sick over this but when I look back now you would never know what happened. Hang it there and keep us posted!

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It doesn't sound like they are going to fight you. Must be something with our white delicatus...The owner of my granite source didn't fight me at all. Hopefully they have additional slabs and ones that you like so they can replace it for you and enjoy your kitchen happily ever after. The white delicatus is definitely worth the trouble once installed. I know you love it already, but don't let them talk you into another swap if they don't have any. Where are you located? I know my local company here in MD has WD still if you need a source and you're near me.

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They had to take my granite island off for a repair, they used a wood shim and tapped it with a hammer to loosen it and then just lifted it off. They said never to use anything sharp to try to break through the glue or it could chip or damage it. Good luck!

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I live in Kansas and I know that they had very limited quantities of the Delicatus, just 3 slabs, one that was from the same batch as this one that they reserved for us in case we needed it (I don't think we did), and one that I didn't care for quite as much. I love the Delicatus, and would do it again in a heartbeat. It looks like it cleans up quite nicely from normal spills. I love the way it looks with the other elements of my kitchen. I don't know how my husband feels about it however, and everybody keeps asking if I regret getting the white, like that is what is the cause and I think that it is getting to him. From the way I see it, fluorescent green is going to be pretty obvious on pretty much any granite except maybe the blackest of black. We'll see, I really don't want to go back to the drawing board.

As far as damage to the existing stuff, fortunately we hadn't put in a backsplash. We actually haven't even ordered it because I wanted to see how the granite thing played out before installing and if they did have to replace it, I knew that it was possible that I will be matching something new. I know that many people have their existing counter torn out without damage to their cabinets, so am really hoping that won't be a problem. I have some concerns about my sink, but we'll see.

Regarding the fact that they aren't going to fight us, the guy who came out didn't have the authority to make that call so just took the pictures. I think that because we were armed with facts, pictures, etc, they know that we mean business and aren't going to let this go so won't argue the fact. However, a part of me really hates to rip up brand new, perfectly functional counters because they aren't "pretty" enough. Just seems so so very wasteful. I had really hoped that they would work on removing. Even if they would have removed them to only sort of noticeable I probably could have been convinced to live with it.

Thank you again for the continued kind words and giving me a place to air my frustrations.

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I'm sorry your having this agrivation with the granite, but am glad your fabricator is doing the right thing. Your kitchen will be yours again and you will be able to continue to love and enjoy it!

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That's so frustrating. But on the positive side - at least it wasn't your nephew's fault!

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I'm sure the old granite won't go to waste. They will probably just recut it and sell the remnants. Somebody else might get a good deal on the pieces.

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Update to my update - now somebody else from the granite company called my husband and said that he looked at the pictures and thinks that they can probably get the stains out. I really hope so, it was stressing me out to think of ripping out all of the granite and tossing it in the trash (although selling it for remnants as somebody suggested I would have been OK with). Not to mention the fact that I may have had to go through the selection process all over again. Fingers crossed! They will be calling my husband tomorrow to schedule time for somebody to come out.

And, yes, the nephew is off the hook for the granite! I was so having a hard time with him not being accountable, so am very glad to have been so wrong when I thought it was him. I am glad he couldn't hear all the dirty thoughts I had about him in my head. I feel like I should apologize - haha.

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Hope it all gets resolved in a favorable way for you : ) Good luck! Sorry you had to go through all of this stress.

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Debbi Branka

Keep keeping us posted. I want to know how this is resolved. Can this green bloom happen to marble too, or just granite? Does anyone know? And if it's the fabricator's fault, is it from the type of metal in the tools they use to cut or what?

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I haven't been here for a while since we seem to be at a bit of an impasse trying to get this situation resolved, but I thought I would drop in for an update.

After multiple (probably about 10) applications of a variety of poultices and treatments, the next step appears to be treating with a propane torch and applying acetone after. I am pretty hesitant about having any sort of torching device around my brand new cabinets, so I asked if they could just remove one of the smallish pieces of granite, take it back to their shop, experiment away and once they figured out if/how to get it corrected we could then move on to treat the remaining spots. Well....they can't get the granite off the cabinets. Why...I don't know, but apparently it is glued on in such a way that it is not coming off easily. They guy who was trying said to continue would be a sure way to damage the cabinets. So....I feel stuck. I had pretty much resigned myself that they will need to be replaced, and now I see that this may not even be an option.

So, I consented to allow them to use the torch on the largest spot that is right by the dishwasher. If something goes wrong, it is easier to replace that than the cabinets, right?

So, my question to all of you helpful folks, I feel like I deserve something. We paid a lot of money to get the "best" granite that we were looking at. It is not as we had envisioned. They have admitted responsibility and are working with us very well. I know that their hands are kind of tied as well. But surely, we should get ... something. Originally I had in the back of my head that they would replace them if it came to that, but now that this is off the table...what is reasonable?

And is it reasonable to ask them to sign something making them liable for any damage to the cabinets in their attempts to correct their issues with the granite?

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Why is getting them replaced off the table? My white alaska delicatus had to be replaced. They did not try the torching, but everything else failed to remove the green bloom so I got a new island slab.

They can get them off your cabinets if they try hard enough. My guess is that they were more worried about breaking the granite, but if the removal of green bloom isn't working then who cares!

I would NOT give up on having perfect counters. You deserve them. They admitted fault. I'm not seeing why they don't admit defeat and get you some new granite.

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If they have admitted fault and the blowtorch doesn't work, then isn't replacement the only option? And if they damage your cabinets in the process, won't they be responsible for paying for their replacement too?

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I couldn't really understand why they couldn't get them off either. Maybe you are right and they weren't trying hard enough. I guess we'll try this one last thing, although it makes me pretty nervous, and if it doesn't work then back to square one. The guy did say that they had tried it on a sample back in the shop and it worked, so I am hopeful (but nervous)

The other downside, I had pretty much resigned myself to needing them replaced so went back and looked around. I couldn't find anything that I liked as well. They had one slab of the delicatus, but it had already been sold. I guess I could possibly wait until they get more, but no telling when that will be. I am kind of ready to get this resolved. Everything is pretty much on hold until it is (although the only thing left is merely cosmetic - paint and backsplash)

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And a final update

It's gone! It took 3 months of trial and error, but they were able to finally get the green stains out. What finally worked in the end was treating each stain with a propane torch, then topping with some sort of oven cleaner and sealing on for 24 hours. They did this about 4 times to some of the tougher stains. I am pretty pleased with the results. While I obviously wish the granite would have remained perfect from the start, I was happy the fabricator took ownership and were willing to try so many things to fix it.

I hope this information helps anybody who has a similar problem.

Now off to make a backsplash thread since I can finally put the finishing touches on the kitchen!

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Wow! I had no idea such a thing happened. Glad you finally got a resolution that worked for you! Happy back splash hunting!

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I am also happy to read that you got your problem solved. They need to shout far and wide in detail how this problem was resolved so others having the same problem will know how to get rid of that nasty green bloom. Glad your nephew is off the hook too. What are you using for a backsplash? Be sure and show pics.

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I would have been pretty much lost without the help that I found here, I probably still would have been blaming the nephew. In the threads that I made about this and trying to work through it, a few people w/ similar lightish colored granite mentioned similar stains that they attributed to other things, when it may have actually been the green bloom. So I hope if anybody else has similar issues they stumble across this. I honestly thought it was hopeless and was so sick about thinking all the wasted money (and disappointed feelings about the entire kitchen I had put so much work into) so can't tell you how relieved I am that it is fixed!

Thanks again for the help I received here.

I am going simple on the backsplash now. Whether I ran out of steam in three months or don't want to distract from the granite I have come to appreciate even more, I am not sure! Just happy to move on!

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Wow! I will file this in case I have or hear of a similar problem. Thanks for posting the update.

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I have thought about you and your green bloom many times since you last posted. I didn't want to bother you though with another shout out. So glad to hear that the problem is satisfactorily resolved. I would have been really nervous about them using the propane torch. Cant wait to see the finished kitchen. Hope you can relax now and enjoy your kitchen.

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And I didn't want to bother the forum with my updates as I went along since I had done so much whining about it along the way! I figured I could give just a final report, and in this case it was happy news. I was so nervous with the torch, I asked about damage to our new cabinets (they said they had insurance to cover), I made them surround the area they were torching with large tile pieces. I still have one really small stain that I didn't want them to treat because it was against a wall on one side and the stove on the other and not really that visible.

Hopefully I will get my butt in gear and get this finished!

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Thank you for posting your problem with your granite. I had my granite which is also a light color installed and about two days later it started with one large very prominent spot of lime green and other less obvious ones. My fabricator nor the provider of the granite had ever seen this before and were willing to replace it but had to leave for holidays first. When he gets back I will have him try this method to remove them instead of taking out the beautiful granite I have now (minus the lime green spots)

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Forgot to ask what kind of oven cleaner they used and how long they need to use the torch before applying the oven cleaner.

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I am so happy to hear the good news! Yippee!!!!

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The supplier came with a paste to put on as a poultice which was to be left on under plastic for 2 hours, then remove the plastic and allow the paste to dry for 1 hour and then wipe clean. I repeated these steps four times with no result at all. When the fabricator gets back I will get him to use a propane torch but still need to know what oven cleaner to use or we may be in more trouble! Any clue or the name of your fellow so I can ask him what he used and any tips he can provide us with?

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Green bloom" make a poultice of ajax cleanser; cleanser should be wet. put plastic over the poultice and tape it on 3 sides. bloom should be gone in 1 day.

I own a granite shop and we have used this approach on several occasions.

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Suedumaine, I apologize that I didn't update you. I didn't check back with gardenweb for a time until I had everything completed. We also did many different poultices (I think about 4 or 6 different types) with no significant improvement. I hope by now you have your problems resolved, but in case you haven't....I think that they used good old fashioned Easy Off Oven Cleaner, but can't be sure because I seriously didn't want to be around trying to "direct" the guy with the propane torch. If you are still looking for resolution, I am sure that I could put you in touch with the guy that worked on ours. I bet he would be happy to share. Let me know, and I will send an email with the contact information.

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I wanted to bump this back up again because I encountered this problem recently. I got a lot of great information from this thread, as well as other sites I researched. To make a long story short, I was able to remove the very dark, fluorescent green marks from our granite by using Comet with Bleach powder mixed to a poultice with acetone (not nail polish remover). I treated the areas about a half dozen times over 10 days or so, put plastic over them and taped them up for a day or two. They are completely gone.

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AJinNH... Working on a green bloom spot... Doesn't bleach and acetone create chloroform? Are you sure it was comet with bleach?

... what else could I use to make the poultice with comet?

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We have green bloom in our newly constructed home. Everyone told us it was just a natural part of the granite, which is Santa Cecelia Light granite. I am glad to see that I am not crazy to be suspicious of the explanations we have been given so far. The problem is, our green bloom is occurring around the kitchen sink faucet. Will these poultices described corrode the faucet?

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