Ultimate pool build-Thoughts & help?

sdfabrizioJune 5, 2011

Hi all-

been lurking for a couple years and now we are ready to go with our pool but I need help from everyone with experience and the all the pros.

We are located 30 minutes south of Boston, MA, so only get 4 months or so of use.

We are thinking about doing a 16 x 40' rectangle fiberglass pool, maybe Crystal Palace, but not set yet. I am looking for the best/most efficient ideas on building and equipment and brands. I am a Building contractor, so with the help of my excavator we will do the install and I will have a pool electrician do the wiring and get some help with plumbing. Looking to do as little maintenance as possible. Without going commercial what do you recommend?

Very confused by all the pump choices, but I like the Variable speed idea- anyone have good luck with a certain brand?

What's the difference between VS & VF?

I want to do the infloor cleaning heads that pop up-best brand? Should I do a separate pump for the cleaners? Have read to install separate port for robot in case inflow fails?

Best brand of controls? I kind of like the Jandy Aqualink Touch-thoughts?

Best lighting/colors/controls? Ideas?

Returns to the bottom cleaners of pool to help circulate heat?

Best salt water generator? Installed after heater right?

Best NG heater?

Best Cartridge filters? Have read to upsize 2-3x bigger than needed to help pumps run easier?

Thinking of Peacock Pavers for the patio-thoughts? Will salt harm them?

Locations of skimmers/overflows/autofills?

Places to buy everything?

I am also looking at what I should avoid and what mistakes you learned during your build- bad equipment, poor customer service, shoulda did this & that. Anything you can add I will put into my giant folder of pool knowledge (it's almost empty right now!).

Thank you for a great forum & any help you can provide me & my family

Steve Fab.

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