YAY !!! We have wood!

linda117117October 7, 2009

After waiting 5 weeks for Jatoba, we finally decided to go with Tigerwood just to get this thing finished before winter sets in. Tigerwood arrived yesterday (3 days from the time we switched). The wood feels like it has a waxy finish? Anyone familiar with this? It leaves me a little worried about how to put the UV protectant on it. Should I scrub it first, use the oxalic solution, or just leaf blow it and go? My other question is, does the wood stop changing colors once the UV goes on, or should I wait until its the color I like then put the UV on?

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Not sure about the waxy thing,in fact not understanding that at all.
There is no need for any prep on any new S American lumber.

Dont wait for anything but good weather to put the finish on. Let the lumber do what it wants to do, work with it not against it. J.

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:( It looks like the weather is not going to cooperate with us.Its just getting too cold to put the finish on the wood this year. The finishing is going to have to go thru the winter before we can do anything about it.(Northeast,very cold and snow) Since it will no longer be "new wood", what steps do I need to take 6 months from now to put the finish on it?

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If it grays out an oxalic acid wash,scrubing, when it dries put on the finish. J.

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Thanks John. You're a big help.

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