Ragging solid color stain on pergola

scottwood2October 3, 2013

HI everyone

I have a bare pine pressure treated wood pergola that is going to have solid color stain applied to it. The stain is a tan color. I was thinking that it would be cool to have some of the edges highlighted with a darker brown color. this would give it a somewhat of a bamboo look. Can this accent color be applied with a rag or something to produce this look?


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Use the term "wiping" instead of "ragging". Nobody likes someone ragging on them or their pergola.

But seriously, wiping is a good method of application to produce a nice uniform coat. It pushes the product into the grain an takes away any excess.

If you want to do highlights of another color, use a brush. The brush offers more precision. Have the rag handy to wipe off the brush marks if you go too heavy.

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