Attention:Best Friends 2010 birthday block group Please read

robin1962-2008February 26, 2011

Hi,I would like to apologize to all of you for not getting your blocks finished in a timely manner.You each sent me beautiful blocks on my birthday in March!My husband passed away in May 2 weeks after he was diagnosed with cancer and I was in shock.I still can`t believe he`s gone.You were all so patient with me.

Well finally ,I have been sewing and all of your blocks are ready to be mailed tomorrow!!Here`s a list of who is getting blocks:1.Quiltpartner 3.micyrey 4.vicky4x4 5.Woodenzoo 6.Katiesquilts 7.macbeaner

Will you please post on here when you blocks arrive so I`ll know for sure that I have fulfilled my obligation to you all? THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR PATIENCE!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!

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Well done Robin! This is quite an achievement and I'm very proud of you. Thank you for all you work and tremendous effort.

Kristene (TinyTeena)

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'Good things come to him who waits' So the saying goes:) Robin, we've all been praying for you. Blocks are just that - blocks. And nothing comes before you adjusting & beginning to heal. Glad things are coming together a little for you - & quilting can be such a comfort for most of us:)
Thank you for all your effort! - I'll be looking forward to the mailman!


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It is so good to hear from you! I hope that you are starting to heal from the loss of your husband. I know that sadness will always be there, but know that your friends here on the Quilting Forum are still thinking of you. Thanks for the special effort that you put into completing your 2010 blocks.

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Hi, Robin,
Hooray for you. It is not easy, especially after such a shock, to pick up and continue on. It takes courage. I hope you are surrounded by much love and support and find peace in your memories. Thank you for finishing your blocks and being a part of the group. All the best, Eileen

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Thank you all so much for the kind words and prayers.I miss him terribly but I do have peace in that our Heavenly Father took him on home instead of leaving him to suffer fo months or years as I have seen others do.I always need prayers!I am surrounded by a very supportive family and I will be okay!I really enjoy being a part of the quilting forum and the friends I have found on here.I needed to complete my obligation to you myself (it was a part of being able to move on).I did it!!YAY !! and I enjoyed it so much!!!I`m on my way back!!!

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hello robin
thank you for making and sending the blocks, they will be much appritiated by all.
I'm so sorry for your loss and hope to see you in other groups.

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Robin, we're just glad to have you back with us. Catching up with all these projects is remarkable and you should be very proud of your accomplishment. Big, big, BIG hug to you!


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Has anyone recieved their squares yet?

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I am so sorry! Yes, I did receive my blocks - they are great!! Thank you! I just haven't been real 'on top of things' this past week dealing w/the flooding.
It's nice to know that sometimes there's a reason why I don't get things done ASAP LOL If I had finished my birthday block quilt back then, I'd have missed putting your blocks in it. So, I'm toasting the fact that I didn't get it done & I'll have everyone's blocks in my first ever birthday quilt.
Again a BIG THANK YOU for all your efforts to get these to me. You are a sweetie!!


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Cindy,I`m so glad you liked them.

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I'm sure mine will be here any day. Sometimes our mail takes a wile.

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