Is this deck stained properly?

christyincoOctober 11, 2012

We had our deck stained and the guy used a roller to put it on. The top looks good, but you can see drips going down the sides. I don't know how this would normally be done and if drips are usual? Is there a way to fix this somewhat? Also, do you normally put one coat or two coats of stain on?

See pics.

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That is not acceptable. I've used a roller to apply stain; however he should have also used a brush or sprayer to get inbetween the boards. Have you paid him? Can you call him back to finish the project? You shouldn't have to pay him extra for what should have been done. If you still have some of the product you could take a brush and fill in the grooves. As far as how many coats, it depends on the product.

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Yeah, you should run a brush down the crack to stain the sides of the boards.

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