Is this layout OK?

mamattorneyMarch 9, 2013

Can someone please take a look at this listing (below) and look at pictures 3 through 5 and let me know if this kitchen layout is OK to work in?

I doubt I would have the ability to change much. In particular, I'm surprised that the plans call for a cooktop plus a wall oven together in lieu of a range. Then a second oven under the counter as well. Are those going to be hard to work with (too low?)

I know the cabinetry (with a lack of drawers) is not ideal, but I'd be OK with that.

Thanks so much for looking!

Here is a link that might be useful: Listing

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I cannot tell where the fridge is.... can you?

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Angie, there is a floor plan toward the end of the pictures.

The layout would function, but I think the fridge is too far for my liking. The counter space is useful though and the sink to stove area would work for my family.

What looks to be missing though is some pantry space. That would be a bigger concern to me.

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In picture 3 on the far right you can see upper cabinets with nothing underneath - that's where the fridge goes. There is a small floor to ceiling pantry next to the fridge, but no counter (another negative . . . or is that countered by the fact that the island is close by?) I've linked to the full brochure - page 3 of 7 has a readable first floor plan

Here is a link that might be useful: Full brochure

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I agree that the oven placements are problematic, but that would depend on how much you actually use ovens as opposed to the cooktop. If you do a lot of oven cooking, those really low ovens might get tiresome. If you're young enough to get the heavy stuff out from a low rack, then it would probably be OK. If you're a little older, I'd be more concerned.

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Yes, the oven are worrisome, but I'm not really sure if it's a valid worry. Right now I have a wall oven where the door handle is at eye level, so no bending at all. I think I'm blowing the possible issues out of proportion. After living in an open ended galley for 7 years where I can spin in place and touch my cooktop, fridge, dishwasher and sink everything else seems overwhelmingly spacious and inefficient.

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