ballpark quote for deck refinish

homeboundOctober 17, 2012

I'm a handyman and got a referral from a good client one of their friends for a deck refinish job. I do one or two of these a year, so it's not my main gig.

Anyhow, they thought my quote was too high and I'm wondering how off-base I was. Any thoughts appreciated.

First floor raised deck, 8 x 20, pressure-treated and 6 steps (4' wide) that was previously stained with cedar or redwood semi-transparent. Condition average (not too much splitting). My plan was to use deck cleaner + pw (no stripping), and then two coats of a Sikkens semi-solid in similar color.

I quoted $750 including supplied materials. Fair or not? Thanks.

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That seems a bit low to me. You'll have 3 trips to do the job right, right? After you pay a helper [if you have one] that doesn't leave much left over.
What is their frame of reference for that "too low" comment? Other quotes? I doubt it.
if they go to the garage to get their car serviced, ask them to check the hourly rate. I'll be yours compares nicely.

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Thanks. Yes, multiple trips: two, possibly three depending on the weather.

She says she had it done before "for less", but no idea by whom or how much.

Anyway, I stopped by for a follow-up on some other work and it's becoming quite clear she's just a nickel and dimer. One week ago I gave her a quote for a crew to clean up her yard, trim branches, and pull english ivy off the house (overgrown to the second floor). Instead she decided to find folks on craigslist and guess what? It's a week later and these folks are still putzing around in the yard. The total outlay must be over my $1000 by now and it's still not finished. So there you have it.

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