Anyone know a good Maryland pool builder?

leah810June 21, 2010

We have decided its's time to get an inground pool. We want a fiberglass pool. Of concern is our yard is small with most of the land to the side of our home and we have a downward hill at the end. So on that note, we need a builder who can tell us honestly if a small pool is even possible! Don't want to go with a chain but need to find an experienced, knowledgable, respectible builder. Any suggestiions would be most appreciated. and thanks

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I can tell you a bad one - Maryland Pools

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gohoos, just curious why MD Pools is bad - we almost went with them but ended up with somebody else. Guess we dodged that bullet!

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I do not live in Maryland currently and I have not had a pool built by them but I do think you should consider River Pools and Spas and interview them in your process.

When I began looking at the pool options out there I discovered their website while searching about fiberglass pools. There is a lot of good information there and perhaps a tiny bit of hype but what good business owner doesn't think they do the best job out there.

Marcus even answered questions I had via email and over the phone knowing that being in SC I could never be his customer. He did all of this free of charge and was very above board. He is a fountain of information and if I lived in your area we'd have a pool by him.

I also independently looked at the different fiberglass pool manufacturers out there and talked to different people in my state who have put different brands in the ground. IMHO the best of best out there is Triology followed by Leisure and Barrier Reef pools. Marcus installs 2 of the 3. Triology is a bit more expensive but you get what you pay for! I saw one of each of these pools in person and all 3 are great buys!

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PS We are still with out a pool here but we hope to have one by next summer. We will not be going with fiberglass as we want to use a builder whose business is easily accessible and we can walk into if we have any issues. Unfortunately that does NOT include fiberglass builders in our area. We will be going the guinte route most likely. Good luck!

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Who are you going to use? Where do you live?

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I don't know of any fiberglass PB's in MD but I live in Carroll Co., MD and we have been at this for 1 yr. We have finally decided on a PB after meeting with 5 people and doing TONS of research (thank you to all the people on here. I have lurked a lot but your suggestions and pics have helped me so much). Our dig should begin in about 20 days. We only wanted to deal with owners so that means none of the big companies were even considered. We decided to go with Steve Braun from BackYard Creations out of Frederick. We were comfortable with him as a person and he gave us a terrific price right out of the gate. He has a store in Frederick so you can go in and see him or his guys anytime and get answers to questions and buy products. I would tell you to stay away from Outdoor Impressions. If you want to know why I will tell you in a pvt email. Don't want to say too much in an open forum because my opinions are very strong about this owner. Tim Rowan from Rowan Landscape is great too but his prices were just too high for us. he does beautiful work. We also spoke with Bob from Lothorian Pools. Also as great guy but too pricey. If you are still searching, good luck!

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