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bev2009February 23, 2012

Last March I took a class in paper piecing and this was the project. I had a little difficulty. First attempt, I put 4 or so rows together and realized the pattern wasn't right. Ripped those out and the 2nd try it went together perfectly. Last night, while sewing on the border, I realized I didn't have enough. Went back to the store and they didn't have anymore. Came home and figured out where I went wrong, did some ripping and cutting and piecing and ended up with enough of the green to finish. Now I just have to sandwich and quilt. Since I've only quilted 6 potholders this month on my new machine, I don't want to try anything too difficult and mess this up. Although I had a goal of finishing it by March, I may set it aside and do some placemats, etc, for myself to practice before trying to quilt this. Any suggestions for how to quilt it would be appreciated. I can do in the ditch since it has straight lines, but would you add more? I think it is 49 x 61 and it is a wallhanging.

up close

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Bev2009, Very cute quilt! I think it's so neat that a square block can give so many designs depending on how the fabric is put together.

Can't help you with quilting ideas as I'm not very good at deciding what to do on my own quilts, let alone someone elses.....wouldn't want to steer you wrong.


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Interesting how different the blocks look by just twisting them a bit.
I would probably keep it simple and just echo stitch one row inside each block rather than trying to do a more complicated looking design.

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I simply love dimensional quilt designs! Your color selections give it the dimensional look beautifully.

My first thought of quilting was to put a small design inside each of those white squares. I'm not sure of your abilities but was thinking a small dragonfly, or even a flower. I also like the idea of an echo stitch. I think if you quilt only in the white, then the diamonds will pop out even more.

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Oh, I really like it. Don't know how I would quilt it, but love Jennifer's idea of letting the diamonds pop.


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Very nice! I agree with Jennifer about a small design in the light floral squares. When I see a quilt pattern with lots of straight lines and angles, I think "some curves in the quilting would be good here." So, you could do a small dragonfly in the center of the light squares and meandering, loop-de-loops, bubbles, or other curved designs to fill in the floral square. If you stitched in the ditch around the inner diamond shape, that might be sufficient quilting for the main body of the quilt.


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Thanks everyone.

Jennifer, how funny you should suggest that. My bedroom, where this will hang, has an Asian flare to it. I have two large prints above the bed, one a moth and one a dragonfly. Then my bedspread is pink with butterflies and dragonflies embroidered on it. White thread for the dragonflies? I'm afraid burgundy or pink would show my imperfections too much.

Teresa, I think stitching in the ditch around the diamonds, with the critters on the white squares will be great.

I can hand quilt the dragonflies. I'm good at hand sewing, just need to refresh. Then I'll figure out something to quilt in the borders!

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Okay, I disagree. But don't throw things at me.

I don't think anything in the light squares will show at all with that print. I also don't think I'd waste my time when it won't show. I'd save the dragonflies for a light solid in the next one.

I'd SID all of it and then echo quilt a line or two inside the light square to make it pop.

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Thanks for sharing the close-up, Bev. The floral design is gorgeous!

Just to throw in a different quilting idea...
After SID around the squares, you could (with white or monopoly thread) stitch the floral squares on the diagonals. From the photo, it looks like you could stitch from one floral square to the next, through the full length or width of the quilt, w/o much turning. Then go on to the next row of squares, etc.

I only suggest that, because it would be fast and easy, and would not detract from the floral design.

Just another thought...your type of batting will determine how far apart your quilting lines need to be. With Warm and Natural you can quilt up to 10" apart. I don't know how big your blocks are, but if they are 10" or less, the SID would be sufficient.

Other battings need to be stitched closer...some at 3-4" apart.

TFS your project!


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Bev, that's a neat pattern! Congrats on finishing it.

I'd probably quilt an all-over loopy design. My first thought was something in the large squares, but Toolgranny makes a good point that it wouldn't show up very well.


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P.S. I meant SID around the blocks, not the squares...sorry!


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I agree with toolgranny. Nothing stitched in the white floral is going to show, esp from 6 feet away.
Decide what you want to emphasize - what you do not quilt is going to pop - meaning the negative space where there is no stitching is going to pouf out.

You must also consider the batting you will use- how will the stitching look? A wall hanging that will get little washing and wear and tear, can get away with less quilting-just choose your batting carefully.

I am not a fan of SID unless you are able to keep the stitch in the ditch - but that is just me.

You have made a beautiful quilt - don't you love the perfect points with Paper Piecing? Your fabric choices are beautiful together.

I think I would like the diamonds to pop, therefore I would concentrate my quilting in the white floral~not too heavy or you will lose the floral print - nice, soft curvy lines not too small in a light thread to match the background. Then stitch 1/4" around the inside of the small dark diamond in a dark thread. Your regular 1/4" foot should have markings on it to guide you to get a perfect point in your outline stitching to 'echo' that diamond.

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Bev, your quilt is beautiful! I can't wait to see how you decide to finish it. After all that work it must be a hard decision to make.

Best Wishes - Corinne

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Bev, that is a wonderful quilt.
Lovely colors and thanks for the closeup of the is

I won't comment on quilting designs because that's my weak area. I don't feel confident offering advice.



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I really do appreciate all your suggestions and kind comments. I bought Warm and Natural for the batting yesterday, but then questioned whether it was too heavy. I haven't looked at it again today. Shows my inexperience, I thought if you quilted in a square, it would accent that square. I didn't realize the unquilted squares "popped".

I did love the precision of the paper piecing, now I just have to tear off all that paper! LOL I don't know about my SID skills, but I will practice first to make sure it will look good.

I was so happy when I went to bed last night. I had such a feeling of accomplishment.

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I love this. What a clever pattern. Thanks for showing.

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Nicely done and I can appreciate your challenges. PP isn't one of my favorite ways to sew. Your fabric choices are very pretty as are the colors.
Lots of good suggestions for quilting. My choice would be to SID around both side of the diamonds and the a loose stipple in the white sqs. using white. I like the curved effect for the design.
I know you will fine the way that works for you and will be looking forward to seeing the results. Congratulations.

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Bev - I suggest you start a new post and ask about the best batting choices for a wall hanging - esp that size.
I think Warm and Natural may be too heavy, but I am not a wall hanging person.

"I was so happy when I went to bed last night. I had such a feeling of accomplishment." You should feel great!!!!

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Great quilt!
I agree that Warm/Natural is a little heavy for a wallhanging and you might not get the quilted effect that you want. Try the lightest poly batting you can find; I think you'll like using it for wall hangings (and it's inexpensive too!).

If you try Stitch in the Ditch, remember not to watch the needle. If you do, your stitching will probably meander in and out of that ditch; it's hard for the eye to stare at something moving as quickly as the needle and not wander a little. Instead, look at where the ditch lines up on your machine's foot and watch that spot instead. Feed it in exactly the same and you'll be sewing right where you want to.


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Since it's a wall hanging, it really doesn't need "extra" quilting. It's very pretty just as it is with some simple quilting.

I like Kate's suggestion on SID. I have that same problem!


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That's very nice,can't help you with the rest of the decisions,as i truggle with those myself.

So how do you like paper piecing?? I love doing it,but i only do it with wall hangings as well.

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Kathi, this is the only paper piecing I have done, but I enjoyed it!

I need advice. I'm in the home stretch. I found the 505 doesn't hold as well on the poly batting as it did on the baby quilt where I used a cotton batting. The backing ended up a little puckered when I did the SID. I know I rushed it because it has been over a year of waiting for me to finish and that drives me crazy. But now I want to order a stencil for the border. For a four inch border would you order a 3" stencil or a 2". I'm thinking 2, but I don't want it to look stingy. I do like to hand quilt, so I am going to hand quilt the binding so I am happier with the outcome, even though it will take me even longer to finish. On my other wall hanging where I hand quilted, I used a friends lap frame, so I will have to buy one of those too.

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I want to order a stencil to finish this up. Can anyone advise me for a 4" border, would a 2" stencil or 3" stencil look better. I'm sure there are some guidelines, but I couldn't find anything online. Thanks for your help!

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This is just my opinion & what I would do.....
Square the entire quilt again, making sure the outer border is exactly the same finished width all around & the sides are the same measurement & the top & bottom are the same. Use the largest square ruler you have on the corners. Squaring the quilt after you have quilted the center, may mean you have to cut a little of the border width to get the quilt square again. Then subtract the seam allowance of the binding of the width of the border to get the new available space for quilting. If you want your border design centered only in the border - find the center of the border (less the binding seam allowance) and mark or lay down a piece of paper the size of the stencil and decide which width you like.
If you decide to use the 2" border, but feel it may need a little bit more quilting (for example) in the center of the border, pick a motif or section from that 2" border design and add some additional quilting in some strategic places, like the center of each side.
You can always add more quilting.

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As I was rereading this I got to thinking that the border would be a great place for the dragonfly especially if it were hand quilted. I believe I would prefer the smaller stencil as I like some space on either side but it is your quilt and you should decide what you like.

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