Filtered water faucet at sink?

francoise47March 14, 2011

Hi All, I'd love to hear your suggestions and advice about having a small filtered water faucet at the main kitchen sink. Pictures would also be fun to see.

We don't have room for a separate prep sink. And we may be replacing our fridge with a model without water in the door. So having an extra water source at the sink makes sense. We don't need one that heats the water. But filtered water is a must.

We will have a separate spray as well as the main faucet. Visually, I'm afraid it may start to look very busy around the sink area. But it does seem practical.

Ideas and/or pictures?

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We love our filtered and hot water. It's one of the best things about our new kitchen. If you're putting in the cold, you may as well do the hot. It's great!

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cheril27 - what brand and model did you use? we're planning on going the same route.

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I have a Kohler Wellspring cold water faucet set across from the Kohler Vinnata faucet.

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Hi Katsmah, That Kohler Wellspring sure is cute and so unobtrusive. Have you been happy with how it filters water? Thanks for posting.

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The flow is fine from the Wellspring. I didn't set it up using their filter system though, I purchased an American Plumber filter off Ebay and had the plumber connect it to the Wellspring faucet. It helped bring the total price down.

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My father has filtered water at his sink. It drives me nuts, how slow it flows. I'm an impatient person. Does he have an unusually slow system, or is that just the way things are?

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I know some people who have installed reverse osmosis filters under their sinks before it hits the tap. Not a huge fan myself personally as the water in my neighborhood is tasty on its own. But if you're rural and the well water is full of sulfur then I'd go for it.

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I put in an EWS water filter which comes with its own faucet. I'm super happy with the unit. I wanted more of a set at the sink so I found a filter faucet to coordinate with my KWC Systema pull down. (Scroll down for close up).

Here's a link to the filter system.

Here is a link that might be useful: EWS & Faucet

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Hi rococogurl, Thanks so much for the link to the EWS water filter system. I hadn't heard of it and am glad to know you like it. I appreciate how many different options and price points for filtration systems they offer. Your filter faucet does coordinate beautifully with your KWC faucet -- a very streamlined and uncluttered sink area.

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We had a filter installed under out sink. It's made by AquaPure. It only filters the cold water and the filter has to be changed every six months or so.

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Our fridge does not come with a water dispenser, so we are doing the filtered water faucet at our sink. I am not sure how it will look, but this is a function choice. I hate the ones that attach to the main faucet and hope this is a better option. I think ready access to filtered water will encourage more water drinking, which is a good thing. We are anti-bottled water in our house for "green" reasons, so this is our best option.

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We installed a Franke Little Butler with a Franke filter and instant hot. The flow on both is quite good (about 5 s to full an 8 oz glass?). I read a lot of bad stuff about the Insinkerator brand (breaks easily and isn't repairable) so that's how we ended up with the Franke. It's been almost two years and no problems so far. Sorry I don't have a better picture.

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I just saw a GE water filter at home depot for under $60 that doesn't need it's own faucet, taps into your existing kitchen faucet, and it's NSF certified. I had the previous GE Filtration System
(Model # GXSV65R) (that had it's own faucet)in my previous house & loved it.

Here is a link that might be useful: GE kitchen or Bath Filtration-no extra faucet needed.

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rob from nj

Here's the filtered water faucet that we paired with our Kohler Vinnata faucet. We were trying to match the form of the main faucet but must say that the Wellspring faucet looks pretty darn nice. I can't remember the make and model of ours but I can dig it up if anyone is interested.

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I had a similar question, and the pics people have posted are very helpful, so I thought I'd bump this thread and ask for more advice. I'm doing a minor kitchen update and am retrofitting a Grohe Eurodisc faucet and an Eagle Spring water filter into an existing 4-hole Kohler Mayfield sink. I'll thus be using two holes and capping the two I'm not using. I have two decisions to make: what tap can I get for the filter that would best coordinate with the Grohe main faucet, and in which holes should I put the big and little faucets for maximum user-friendliness. My plumber says I can use any of the holes, but the filter needs to go on the cold-water side. I'm right-handed and was sort of worried that the small tap for the filter would get in the way of reaching for the main faucet's lever, but the ones you guys have posted pictures of look quite petite and not obtrusive. I was thinking about this Newport Brass tap, as having fairly clean lines to coordinate with the Grohe. Other suggestions?



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Hi, Here is our new KWC demi paired with a Royal Doulton water filter faucet and air switch. DH researched the type of water filter -- I had never heard of Royal Doulton for anything other than china, but apparently they have been making ceramic water filters for a long time. I love our water filter for green reasons and for the taste, and b/c it's very solidly built, like the KWC, and b/c we chose a fridge w/o the door filter.


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Your nice big single bowl sink maybe has alot of real estate with two empty/capped holes but think about having both of the capped holes in-between your main and filtered faucets. The Grohe on the left and the Newport Brass on the right? Since the Grohe will have more reach and has the lever on the top, it'll still easily reach the whole sink without banging into the filter faucet. Since you're righthanded and the filter faucet will have its handle on the right (I think that's what your plumber meant by being on the cold water side??), then both faucets could be used simultaneously.

As you can see from my pic, mine are right next to each other and the spouts don't interfere but unless we do some fancy faucet ballet (Bellagio on a budget ;) ), we can only use one faucet at a time which is a pain when I'm washing/rinsing and DH wants a glass of water.


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mtnfever, that's a good idea. I can probably play around a bit with holding the faucets in the holes to see what works best before my plumber does the final hookup. Thanks!

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Rohl makes faucets with their own filtration, so no need for a seperate faucet. They're a little pricey though. I wanted the instant hot water, so I'm in the same boat with two separate faucets. I'm planning to spread them far apart so it doesn't look too busy.

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Chickdoc, thanks. My plumber, whom I love and trust, is a huge fan of Eagle Spring filters with their 3-year cartridges, so I'm bowing to his wisdom - and trying to remember that this is a short-term kitchen update, pending a major remodel, so if this setup doesn't work perfectly, I can tinker with it in a few years when I do a new layout, sink, and countertop.

Here's a closeup of the current sink set-up.

One oddity is that the sink is so close to the stove. I'm updating colors and replacing the faucet(s), but not changing the locations of things. I'm thinking main faucet in the middle hole and filter tap on the far right, but I wonder if I should think about putting the main faucet in the far left hole, for more room between them. I'm not a big fan of built-in soap dispensers - I'd rather bring the soap to the dish than move the dish over to the soap at the edge of the sink - so I was thinking if I had two capped holes between the two faucets, I might have room to keep the soap and sponge between them on the back of the sink.

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chikdoc - I was also looking at Rohl faucets b/c I'd like to eliminate the number I have at the sink and want hot/cold/filtered and I saw their Perrin & Rowe line has all three. Like you said, a little pricey, but I'll only be buying a faucet like this once in my life.

rococogurl - I am considering a Julien prep sink (actually worktop as most of what passes for prep sinks are ridiculously small). I like your sink and am also considering KWC faucet. Is your faucet chrome? Do you like the way it looks with the SS Julien sink. Thanks much for your input.

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cheri127, it is hard to tell from the picture ... is your air switch in between the faucet and the Franke ?

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I'm a newb at this... The question I have is: Can a filtered-water faucet (let's say cold only for now) be installed where the air gap goes?

Suppose the answer is no, so how does one install this after the fact? Would I have to actually bore a new hole in my countertop to accomodate the filtered-water faucet?

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Just checking back in to report that I went with the Newport Brass tap linked below for the filtered water, put it in the rightmost hole, and put the Grohe Eurodisc in the middle hole. It's a little hard to see in the pic below, but there ended being plenty of room for sponge, etc., and to reach either faucet without bumping the other. The reach of the Eurodisc is a little long for the sink, but since it can swing completely out of the way, it shouldn't be a huge hassle, and I love how the faucet operates. The Newport Brass tap has a comfortable reach over the edge of the sink, too, so it should be easy to fill a pot or a glass from it. Having the sink this close to the stove isn't an optimal setup, but this will be quite livable for a few years and I can think through the options before doing a complete remodel down the line. Thanks to everyone who weighed in on my question!

Here is a link that might be useful: Newport Brass 106C from

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Anyone have a Rohl Perrin & Rowe traditional bridge faucet with sidespray AND a filtration system? It seems like it would look too busy. But just wondering if anyone has done it and if so, which filtration spout you used given that Rohl's bridge faucet does not come with its built-in filtration system (as far as I can tell)and so I wouldn't want the different ones/finishes to clash.


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drdannie -- I somehow lost track of this thread (selling, moving) and never saw your question. So sorry. I trust you've worked it out by now.

But FWIW all these months later yes, that KWC systema faucet is chrome. Was very, very happy with it. Have a super nice 8 y.o. Dornbracht with high arc sprayer where we moved and Rohl sink so no complaints.

But if truth be told, I really miss the depth of that Julien sink and that KWC pull down. Surprising as I didn't care for that sink at first. Over time that combo was my favorite.

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I have a reverse osmosis system in my basement that runs to my fridge water and ice dispenser as well as my sink. I have a small spot faucet separate from the main faucet and I like it alot, however, the flow is very slow when you are filling a pot. I think that's more of an issue with the water filter than the faucet, but I'm not sure. In my reno, I was thinking of doing the instant hot water, but it's not a must. The filtered water, separate faucet at the sink, is a must. Decisions, decisions...

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I don't have any pics of it, but I ran into the same issue with filtered water faucet and getting too busy on countertop. I got a Franke Triflow faucet for my prep sink (three handled faucet with filtered built-in) and fed it with an RO that I mounted in the basement so it wouldn't take up cabinet space. Then split the RO to supply my fridge. Love it!

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kaexmcc I have the Perrin & Rowe traditional bridge faucet in chrome (with sprayer) and a small chrome filter faucet -- not P&R -- it looks fine. I'm still thinking of may-be upgrading as P&R does have a chrome filter faucet that would match the main faucet. But it is a little bigger than the one I have now and while it would match I'm not sure it would really look better (because of the larger size), and, it is expensive. I may just stay with what I have. Five holes-- filter, air switch, bridge faucet (2 holes) ad sprayer with a 30 inch Shaws sink. I think it looks OK -- not too crowded.

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I am adding some photos in case they are helpful to anyone.

I have a "cluttered sink." ;) I am ok with it because it still looks balanced and is a large sink. It has a bridge faucet (Grohe Bridgeford) w/ side spray and a R/O cold water faucet (Newport Brass.... they match really well for different brands!)

The R/O faucet was added after we moved in as we realized we needed to further purify our rural well water. We used the hole/space the air gap had used. Of course, the water softener ppl will say this is perfectly fine.... but our plumber agreed later on that it should be fine. (In some parts of the country, air gaps aren't required by code. In some they are. If we sell our house, we'll have to put the air gap back to pass inspection.)

What I like about our set up is that the faucets have plenty of room to swing completely. My hubby and I can easily stand side-by-side at the sink, both using a faucet. This happens often.

RE: the speed of the faucet.... the R/O faucet is quite slow. It isn't as bad as the filters you can add on to your existing faucet, but it's close. Since I'm normally only filling a glass of water, I don't mind. I got used to the speed and waiting some extra seconds. It certainly takes less time than going to the store and hauling home bottled water. :)

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lolauren, your sink is busy, but it all looks great together! Not "too" busy!

Here's a look at our RO faucet, with the main faucet. Just installed a few weeks ago! LOVE it!

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Can I raise my hand and vote yes?!? You will not regret it. I don't have photos, but in our current house we have both the filtered water spout and a instant-hot dispenser. Both have been invaluable, especially at 2am when I'm mixing formula.

In fact, I'd call them my #1 must haves... we're waiting on someone with a diamond router to be able to drill new holes into our stainless sink.

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I realize this is an old thread, but it has good info in it.

I miss my filtered sink faucet in my old house. Now my new refrigerator does not have filtered water in the door. I am sure I would not remember to fill up a container for the fridge so I am on the lookout for the latest and best filtered water faucet for my kitchen sink. I do not want to filter all the cold water, just the drink dispenser. Cartridges do not last long when you are filtering all cold water.

Are there any new options out there? I know they have instant hot water dispensers, but I have such fast hot water anyway.

I would like one to match a high arc pull down faucet and soap dispenser.


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We are remodeling our kitchen & I bought new appliances to replace our old ones. Our new refrigerator, a KA, will have a water dispenser in the door & will be filtered. Will the filtration system in the refrigerator be satisfactory? Live in NE Florida & cannot drink the tap water, it tastes horrible. Have been buying bottled water ever since living here. Or should I invest in a water filtration system for the kitchen sink?

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