Fabric for two quilts

loisflanFebruary 19, 2012

It seems like we are all starved for pictures. I don't have any finished projects to photo, but I love looking at fabric, and I hope you do too.

The first bundle is for a stack and whack baby quilt. I have no recipient for it yet, but I loved the fabric, so I bought it. Some little one will get it some day.

The second pile is for the Sunshine Pineapple quilt. I love the batiks; they are absolutely gorgeous. Sorry the photo doesn't show the colors as vibrant as they are.

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Those are both just gorgeous. I can get lost in a batik dept. these days. So many ideas. So little time.

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What a neat way to post.....fabric with the pattern. Your choices are excellent.

I have the Wallhanging pattern of the pineapple but haven't done anything with it. Probably should at least put some fabric with it.


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Both fabrics and patterns are great choices and will make wonderful quilts!


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Talk about "Eye Candy", this is it. LOVE fabric and so much fun to see other's choices. They are lovily. TFS

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What a fun group of fabrics you've chosen for the baby quilt. I especially like the lady bugs:)

I have to confess, it took me a long time to appreciate batiks. I can't put my finger on it, maybe it is the unevenness of the patterns. However, when I see them sewn into a quilt at a show or hanging on the wall of a fabric store, the colors stand out like jewels.

I'm sure you will enjoy making both quilts with those lovely choices of fabrics. Make sure you post pictures of your progress while making them (or at leat the finished products.)



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I really like the child's quilt fabrics, but when I saw the batiks I swooned! I would buy every batik in every color, if I could. Maybe I need to buy a lottery ticket...


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Thanks, Lois, for the pick me up. I get the same feeling of delight looking at your fabric that I get when someone posts pictures of their summer gardens during the dead of winter! I've never sewn anything in batik. I don't even know if it existed back when I was sewing. The closest thing was probably tie-dyed! LOL

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Lois, I have that same pattern for the pineapple quilt! I haven't made it yet - it's one of many on my to-do list. I think it will be gorgeous though.

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Gorgeous fabrics! I really like the redbugs too. Looking forward to seeing pics of the pineapple quilt.

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I also like the way you show the pattern with the fabric. Your assortment is really nice.
I really like the pineapple pattern, a favorite of mine which is so much of a Williamsburg theme.

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Your fabrics are beautiful - your batiks are especially Gorgeous!!! Perfect for your pattern.

I have made 2 stack n whack quilts - from Bethany Reynolds book - the patterns did not look anything like your pattern.
What book is your pattern from? It is going to be adorable out your fabrics.

I think you may have started a new trend here for pictures!

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Marsha, the pattern is from Stack the Deck Revisited by Karla Alexander. It has some really interesting patterns in it.

I'll have to take a photo of my baby turtle fabrics now that I have them all purchased. Oh, and I have another quilt ready to start. It's a log cabin pattern, but with panels of a focus fabric running through it.

This quilting is soooo much fun. I can hardly wait to finish one and start another. I'm sure I'll slow down when the novelty wears off (and when the gardens need tending), but for now, I'm really enjoying it.

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I am familiar with her technique. I may have checked one of her books out of the library. I have never made one. It is supposed to be fast and fun. Let us know how you like making it; if I recall.....you abandon all sense of 'control':)

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Wow! Starts this week off in a nice way! Very Perky!



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