travertine vs concrete decking w/saltwater pool

shellipJune 5, 2011

Does anyone have an opinion on travertine vs. salted concrete for coping and decking around a saltwater pool?

The stone salesperson said they were cautious about using travertine for the pool coping with a salt water pool.

Our home & pool are contemporary style, so either fit asthetically, but was unsure if the colored concrete would be slick or if the travertine would react with the salt water.



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in the long term side of things, you're better avoiding natural stone around a salt pool. There are companies that make salt resistant sealers for this exact purpose, but i dont believe we've seen really how long these salt sealers will hold up (they're so new, havent been field tested for very long.)

If client demands natural stone decking with a salt pool, we do not guarantee the stone and tell them to use the salt sealers at the least once yearly, better every 6 months.

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Natural one,
Thank you for the info. The deck/terrace for this pool is about 2000 sq/ft., so don't want to make a costly mistake. I appreciate very much your response.

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to elaborate a little more, the only areas in real "danger" are those that are heavily /consistently in contact with the salt (and even more so when they puddle.) people that are willing to run the risk just hose of the salt water when they are done using the pool.

Some heavily deteriorated areas will occur by the entry steps, around stone watefalls and waterwalls, and by areas where dogs are constantly in and out of a pool.

good luck!

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