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robinstJune 5, 2011

We moved into an older home that we have been remodeling over the last couple of years. We discovered after we moved in that the previous owners had poured the stamped concrete over the original concrete. While this is frustrating, the concrete is still in pretty good shape and we don't want to replace it. The new concrete, however, raised the elevation of the concrete around the pool, making the step down to the first step a little over a foot. The steps were also covered in a liner that was pulled out from the wall - almost like it was too tight. The steps were attached to the steel wall and are fiberglass - wedding cake style. We are not sure why the previous owners covered the steps with the liner - their may have been a leak but there are no notable cracks in them.

We are looking at options for the pool and were quoted an option to tear out part of the concrete and put in new steps, which would also require all the coping to be replaced and 6 inches of concrete around the perimeter.

I am thinking it is pretty extreme to fix an issue of a few inches in the steps. Does anyone know of other ways to replace stairs within the pool?

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This may give you a better Idea of what you have or maybe what you want. Liner over steps is very common. To change the steps will require a new liner.

Here is a link that might be useful: Steps

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