Painting an ipe deck

sfdeckistOctober 5, 2009

So, I've done a bunch of Google searches and I see that it is heresy to paint an Ipe deck. Alas, I am a heretic, and I really want to!

I'm replacing a small 5'x7' landing near my front porch on a restored Victorian and I want to maintain the same colors used on the rest of the trim of the house. Aged Ipe is beautiful, but I want brown!

The decking will be made from biscuit-joined 3/4"x3.5" boards.


- Is this a reasonable thing to do? Please keep in mind I'm replacing an existing surface and maintaining the Victorian aesthetic and color design is important.

- How do I prepare the Ipe boards for painting? I've heard that I should wash with oxalic acid first, then sand with an orbital sander using 60 grit, but I've also heard conflicting advice.


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If you're going to paint the boards, why get ipe? Use a cheaper wood.

Oxalic acid is to clean off dirty or aged wood. If it's new and clean, just dive in with the paint.

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I agree, just go on and paint it wtf diferance does it make how you do it its a fools thing to do.

How do you do it>>> several coats of oil base primer,let them dry completley inbetween. Several more coats of marine base top coat.Light sanding inbetween each of these finnish areas.Then wait for a year or so for all of this to weather diferntley depending on sun exposure.Be ready to spot prime/finish any areas that start to peal right away.

How do I know this??? I had a Wallet turn Ipe Blue,dont even ask, JonMon

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Blue ipe? Yikes!!!!

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