Picking a Color for Concrete

aloha2009September 25, 2012

Though I like some of the dark tans/light browns on the swatches, I've NEVER seen one around town. Could it be that I've never noticed anything besides colors in the red family? Does this have to do with how the sun brings out the red? Does it have to do with how the chemicals react over time? I can't believe everyone picks red as the color of choice if you're coloring concrete.

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I chose a nice dark brown for a slab in my backyard and it matched the color card perfectly coming from the cement truck. Within a couple weeks after drying and weathering it turned that pink color you are referring to. This was using Davis colors. I have seen some brown concrete driveways in my neighborhood that stayed that way. They have more of a glossy finish, so I guess its possible. Not following the mix ratio can dramatically change the color as well.

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THANKS SO MUCH!!! You saved me $1000 and having to live with pink concrete.

We ended up cancelling the coloring per your confirmation on the pinking. We too were going to use Davis colors. I'd rather have grey concrete opposed to pink.

As they are pouring our concrete, a neighbor who painted his concrete after the fact 8 years ago, came over and said his turned out great. Only peeled on one 2" strip, otherwise great. We'll definitely get the scoop on what exactly to do (and not do, since he seems to know he had the little bit of peeling).

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