Cantilever solid deck with no coping brick/stone

magic781June 6, 2012

I have a question concerning cantilever decks. I know the bond beam has to have a slip joint between it and the deck, but do you have to have an expansion joint around the perimeter of the pool to keep the deck from cracking around the perimeter of the beam? I know I need them about 6ft apart throughout the deck. If have seem where a joint is around some of the the pools and some not. Can the deck crack from one portion sitting on the beam (hard surface) and the other part sitting on dirt? What if you rebar in the deck all the way close the the cantilever edge so its less likely to crack over the beam? Please be nice , my PB cant seem to give straight answers. I just fired him. Looking for some answers before I hire another.

PS I live in GA red clay all the way. What about expansive soil?

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To Answer all your questions. Yes. Cantilever decks are notorious for cracking on the backside of the pool bond beam. You should always do pool coping and then put an expansion joint between the coping and the deck. The ones you put every 6 feet around the pool deck are called control joints. They are cut into the deck by a tool or saw when the concrete is poured. That red clay you have is highly expansive. I would lay 3" of road base around the pool before you place your rebar and concrete.

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For your situation I agree with 94.
But I dont agree with the "Always do a pool coping"
This depends on soil conditions. In my neck of the woods, 90% of pools are done with a solid cantilever deck.
One large builder even touts the addition of sky bars to tie the deck to the beam. I personally prefer it moving.
That said I havent poured concrete around a pool in a couple of years, love those travertine pavers.

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Thanks, guys. I guess it would be best to separate the deck from the beam. I think I am going to pour the concrete on the beam as if it were coping. Then pour the deck separately so I can put a expansion joint around the pool so they can move independently.

Any other advise?

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