Pool and Spa, both in Pebble-Tec?

shellsbuttJune 27, 2011

Hello, We have a pool and spa combination, in the gunite stage at this point. I'm trying to figure out if the spa should also be surfaced in pebble-tec if the pool is too or just go with plaster. My husband thinks the pebble-tec would be too rough on our bottoms and I think it would look funny with two different finishes. Any advice?



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Hi Shelley, I think you'd want to do both. We have a similar setup and I know it would drive me crazy to have two separate finishes. The pebble is not too rough for us, we don't even notice it. Good luck, Marta

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I agree with Marta. We have an 18" raised spa attached to our pool and we have Aqua Blue Pebble Sheen in both. Not too rough at all.

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