Seen your kitchen...what's the rest of the house look like?

melissastarMarch 9, 2011

I don't know about others, but I am terribly curious. I've seen so many lovely, inventive kitchens on this site, sometimes with glimpses of adjacent family rooms, hearth rooms, dining rooms,etc. And it makes me wonder what the rest of your houses look like...anyone care to show theirs off?

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I'll go, but Melissastar, you better be next!

My family room as seen from the kitchen:

Living Room, well, a glimpse of it:

my foyer:

the moon in my foyer, oh wait, it's my light...

what the heck, here's the coat closet, and the only coat in there belongs to the dog.

This one:

and the dining room:

Not ready to show the laundry room.....yet. Give me some time. Tile is on its way.

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Gorgeous, I love it. The coat closet is the best! (and this is from a color phobe). Seeing the rest of the house, the kitchen is really you!

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Wow, Bee, your house is beautiful!!

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BKW: It is I would have expected. So sophisticated and colorful! I'm afraid I may be in trouble though...I can't be next. First, my kitchen isn't done and the rest of the house is still stacked with junk! And second my camera has mysteriously stopped working (hoping it's just a battery issue, not the camera).

But I PROMISE that I will post the kitchen and whole house ASAP! With might be done enough to do this weekend...if I can just get the camera to work, that is.

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I can't decide if the moon against the black ceiling is my favorite or the coat closet. Have to mull.....

It's gorgeous!! What a wonderful job you've done with your home.

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I would love to share pics of the rest of my house, except so many of the rooms are full of stuff from the family room (adjacent to the kitchen currently under construction). I'll do so in a few weeks.

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I've been tricked.

Thanks for all the nice comments. However, I was all excited to check back in and see all of YOUR houses....and there are no other pictures! I KNOW what my house looks like! I want to see yours!

c'mon people.

where are those that were brave enough to post their wedding dresses? oh wait, you got me on that one too!

Someone post at least a bathroom! Oh wait, I forgot mine. I've got a shocking powder room for you.

I don't think I have any photos, but here is the wallpaper that is in there (and yes, I chose it and hung it so it wasn't a gift from a previous owner)

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I love love love everything about bee's house--especially her amazing backsplash, but the lime green chair makes me swoon!!!! here is my ponyhair chair:

My entry:


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firsthouse_mp--love your wall hanging over the fireplace--we have the same one in our DR!

I'll try to post some pics tomorrow.

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Wow - gorgeous gorgeous homes!!! Mine pales in comparison, but I'm happy with the progress we've made so far. We bought our 1950's expanded Cape 8 years ago - it was lost in the early 80s with wall to ceiling wallpaper & shag carpets. Every year we try to do redo a room - we still have so much to do, but we are getting there slowly. Our taste is traditional/antique/cottage if that makes sense...

Living room/foyer: not in love with the floors, but they are in good shape, so I couldn't justify replacing them... yet.

Dining room

Family Room... this room is next on the list, but we have absolutely no idea what to do other than we know it needs major help... any suggestions?

& our kitchen...

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Lovin the peek inside these homes! Thanks for posting...

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Great houses everyone! Thanks for sharing.

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You people have beautiful houses. I am never, ever, ever posting anything. - and we just did a whole house reno. I love it but it pales in comparison.

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You guys are setting the bar way too high! I have seen bee's before in the HD forum and I never tire of it. The bathroom paper is new to me and I just adore it. I am still coveting your floral artwork and purple pillows. In fact, I think I am in love with everything ;)

firsthouse - gorgeous! I love your white and chrome chairs - where did you get them? Do they come in black or gray? You are going to love our master bedroom closet doors, I won't say why just yet, but you will ;)

kep - your house is warm and lovely and it sounds like it took a lot to get it that way!

I will be doing a big "reveal" soon, hopefully sooner than I fear, but I am getting shy after seeing these pretty pix. I guess GWers really put in the thought and effort and it truly shows in all the photos. I have so much to do to get to finished, at least with this big phase. There is so much to paint, clean and unpack that I get overwhelmed. I thought preparing for it all was tough... HA!

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Dianalo...MUST show me! The chairs in the LR are froma knock off company I found on the internet. Years old--made of white leather. I think they do come in black.

Cmon everyone--show us pics :)

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Firsthouse, I have a few questions for you. Lovely home by the way!

What type of wood is your front door, and the stain colour? It's very nice.

Also love your fireplace! Couldn't figure out what you have hanging above it that a mirror? And what is the colour on your wall in your dining room?

I should be in bed...


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Yay! I remember swooning over firsthouse's place when you moved in. It is so yummy. And your pony chairs....fahbuloussss. So are those Barcelona type chairs in the LR.

kepotz, I love the phrase "lost to .....wall to wall carpet....wallpaper.." YOu are doing a great job bringing her back to life! Can't wait to see more.

Keep on Postin'

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collins design

How fun!

Bee, I always love seeing photos of your house...
firsthouse... it's so great to see your photos. I remember back when you first bought that place and posted plans: I knew it would turn out beautifully!

I'll play, but my house isn't done yet. We've been slowly doing major renos on each room since we bought it in late 2008. Since it's 95% DIY work, things are progressing S-L-O-W-L-Y. The kitchen and living/dining space were the first things we started, and they're not even done yet! But I have a couple of bathrooms I can show you. And my pantry will be done in a week or so!!! I just finished painting the doors yesterday :)

Master bath:

DD's bath (she wanted a more "vintage" style than the rest of our house)

Under-construction DR/LR space:

and here's a photo from our last house. We're desperately trying to find a place for the awesome sculpture ("American Dream" ;) made by one of my parents' good friends in the 70's) but our new house has so few big walls... we're going to try it over our bed sometime this month. We'll see.....

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Pretty homes. I love looking at contemporary spaces. Bee, the moon fixture is gorgeous! Like everyone else, Firsthouse's FP is drop dead.

My house is hard to photograph. The walls either look too white or yellowish. I've provided a link below of a three part house tour, but just glancing at the first part I see many changes I've made this past year. Finally found the perfect fabric for the French chairs and will be revealing it on Monday.

Breakfast room:


Corner of DS Guest room:

Shabby Chic guest room:

Here is a link that might be useful: home tour

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Allison...that coffered ceiling in the breakfast room is terrific.

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Bee, I just adore your house, esp your green chair and your living room pics and pillows; you have a superb sense of style!

Firsthouse - beautiful home! I love your dining room table and bathroom!

keptoz - your house looks so warm and inviting! I wish I had room for a piano!

stacey - amazing bathroom; it looks so serene and peaceful!

Allison - everything is lovely!

Since my house at the moment is fairly (and uncharacteristically) clean, I took a few pics. My home is nowhere close to the rest of yours, but I have some hopefully good ideas for it once we finish the kitchen. I am hoping that we can continue the wood floor from the kitchen, but that probably won't be for at least a year (or until dh forgets how much work the kitchen was!)

My new free orange chair (I'm going to slipcover it w/ a dropcloth, make a gallery wall, and I think paint the toy box teal).

I am very happy with my mantel right now. The painting is by me and my girls (6 & 5)....I used masking tape to frame out boxes so my younger dd wouldn't paint on my older one's painting. I love how it turned out!

My kitchen, which just needs some molding and window treatment now.

Here's our downstairs bath...nothing very exciting, but I think of Bee with the tile, which is sort of a much less pretty stepsister of her backsplash.

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Wow! You all have some amazing homes! Beekeeper - I love everything you have. The moon light fixture is so cool and your coat closet is adorable! What a fun way ton use colors you (I assume) love when don't necessarily go with the rest of your decor!

First house - your house is also amazing. That white fur other wouldn't stay white too long around here!

The thing that strikes me about all the houses is that they are so decorated and so consistently decorated from room to room! I am so bad at decorating and picking the "stuff" to make the room look finished. We moved in to our house 5 weeks ago and I worked like crazy to unpack. Now its livable, but then glass cabinets at e top of my kitchen cabs are empty, my bookcase in family room is mostly empty with random stuff up there, and I dint know what to do with them! I'm having so e window treatments hung tomorrow. After that, maybe I'll take some more pictures and post them.

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Okay, not posting any photos here but do have a tip, not a new concept by any means but one that I'm newly using it this week, relating to photos of our homes and rooms and to plans for renovating and remodeling.

I have been doing my spring cleaning and re-arranging, especially bookshelves and counters/tabletops, and also was going through some recent family photos to pick some for framing. Naturally some are taken in our home at different times of year and over several years.

I'm always struck by how a photo of your space helps you really "see" the space in ways you just don't see when you are looking directly, even if concentrating really hard (brow furrowed, thinking floorplans and traffic patterns and storage). In the photo the "good" things and the "bad" things really jump out at you and sometimes in this sequence of photos in one space you can compare, wow, I had this all just right (ore wrong) here, and then when I re-arranged that it changed everything.

So just as how a photo shoot of the inspiration kitchen or other space can spark the imagination, so can real-life photos.

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frankie, funny you should say this. I was just on the website of the photographer that photographed our kitchen for the backsplash last year. And this is what I was just reading, even though I noticed what you are saying before, I think this sums it up:

"The camera sees things very differently than the naked eye - we often make significant adjustments to decor and furniture arrangements to create the best photo. Interior photography styling is an art in itself."

Not that I followed this tip myself in those photos, but another great tip for interior photography is to sit down in a chair or at least have the camera at that height. It's amazing what that does to a shot.

And yes, it really is funny what you see after you snap the photo. How many times do we have someone post a picture along with an apology...ignore that, fill in the blank....or in my case--dog toy in the middle of the carpet (my first photo above) or something like that.

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I love this thread! There are so many beautiful homes here and some incredible design ideas. It's so nice to see the rest of the home and how it matches with the kitchens, too!

Here's ours - we're still in the process of getting everything set up since we've only been here 6 months, so it's a work in progress...

my two year old's room:

our outdoor living space (Pip's room):

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Pip... what a great dog. Looks like a statue that people would pay big money for!

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collins design


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LOVE this thread! All the pics above are beautiful - you should all be proud of your homes!

I wish I could post now, but unfortunately all I have are "before" pics.
Furniture coming "home" from storage in 1 week - I CAN'T WAIT!! Will post pics when my house is set up again.

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Love this thread, lots of beautiful touches all through these homes. I am not ready to share mine, still painting, curtain choices and new furniture to order. On that note...

Pipdog... I hope you would be willing to share the manufacturer of your beautiful chairs and sofa. They are just what I am looking for! Thank you! CJC

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What wonderful homes you all have. I am probably going to steal some ideas :-)

We recently moved into our home (first purchase) and I have just started coming up with ideas for what I would like to do with the rooms (colors, layout etc.). I will definitely post pictures as I complete different areas. I started with the kitchen and I am about 1/4 of the way done with the work in it.

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hi everyone...

Love all the pics..beautiful homes...every one of them...too many compliments for me to post. Whew!

Don't have many pictures of my rooms inside...

Here's our home at dusk...I was excited about my new garage doors..hee hee..

the breakfast nook...

backyard during the remodel..

my new powder room vanity..


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OK - from one of the wedding dress girls, I'll join in.

My house is mid ice dam, water damage disaster, but here are some pics taken at different times.

LR --

Kitchen you've all seen many times - still not finished.

DR --

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stacy, I haven't seen Weimaraner by BM. I'll have to check that paint out! :) Pip has definitely inspired our decor - he matches our kitchen!

cjc, the sofa is the "Chloe". I'll have to double check on the manufacturer of the chairs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chloe sofa

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Yes, bee, you are right, and as I cross-posted (that's not like cross-dressing, is it?) on the Organizing forum, since how a photo looks does not completely represent the real-life experience of the space, one would have to be careful not to produce a "photo" house at the expense of the real thing; try to use the photos for some of the insights they can provide, but don't arrange your house to fit a photo-shoot!

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Wow! I love seeing all of the beautiful kitchens and it makes it even more fun to the rooms they are attached too.
We are finally settling in to our new space but I feel like there is so much more to do before a "reveal."
I am such a "traditional" girl but must say that all of the contemporary house pictures are amazing!
Really gorgeous homes!!

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collins design

Bee....I also have to say..... I absolutely love how your throw pillow have the same texture and color as the dahlia prints!

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Oh, these are so gorgeous!! Love seeing everyone's inspiring! Love Pip...was it my imaginiation or did he look slightly annoyed that you were photographing his room? :) I want to see more! My home is currently mid-build, so nothing to show now :( (and I don't think my rental house is very inspiring, lol! I will certainly find this thread and post in September when our build is finished!

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Circus Peanut

Hey, Pip, my mudroom is painted Weimaraner! In keeping with the thread theme, here it is from the kitchen. It's an extraordinary color: green, gray, purple or brown depending on the light and time of day.

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KA - I really like that towel rack on your bathroom counter, do you know where you found it?

prill I think yours is my favorite :)

I appreciate all of the more modern houses and those that were posted here all made my mouth drop open in awe but they're not my style.

Once the rest of my house is back in order after the kitchen renovation, I'll be sure to find this thread and post pictures. I have a tiny little >1000 sf little bungalow but it's cute :)

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There are so many amazing spaces here with so many different influences with incredibly talented people behind them! I am still the poster who joined 4 looonnnggg years ago this month with still no new kitchen so I will continue to live vicariously through others. We still keep flip/flopping on remodel vs. move and right now are looking at properties. If we do move, I will definately be looking to all of you for your sage advice!!

Bee - I can only repeat what everyone else has said. Esp. love the wasabi, the green chair, and that moon light fixture. p.s. I wanted you to know that I did vote for you in the tile contest though I didn't post earlier!

Newhouse - Let's see....your horsehair chairs, your barcelona chairs, your FP, your floors, your foyer...the juxtaposition of your chest with the art with your front door with the light fixture, your bath...all WOW!

KEP - I love the architectural elements of your family room and I love how it is so family oriented.

Stacyneil - I NEVER tire of looking at your space. Esp. your kitchen and fr/dr.

KA - love the family feel of your home

Prill - another thing I never tire of looking at is your fireplace wall. Love the painted woodwork and fireplace esp. with the pottery.

CP - you have got to show us more!!!

Allison - perfection!

pip - the oranges with the blues is divine and PIP of course.

Sorry for being such a talker but there are some hot spots here!


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Sorry firsthouse, my bad!!!

and Noella, I meant to tell you that I love your orange chair with the green pillow and I think leaving it orange next to the turquoise toy box would be so much fun!! Also, your painting, that is so cool and sooo meaningful! I have a similar thing that we did for my sister's b-day and we each did our own. I now have mine and my mom's on our den mantel.

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hi craftlady...

I've been asked that before...unfortunately I can't find them anymore at Bed Bath and Beyond but have seen something similar online..however it can be quite a search..


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Wow. Such absolutely exquisite homes! This is wonderful

I'll play! Although I warn you, it's nothing to the above. Incredible!


Dining room:

Living room (awful pictures)

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Many of you have lovely and larger homes. We're empty nesters so have downsized. Ours is a continuing project. Just finishing repainting of the Family Room and will add new photos soon.

Home is 15 years old and we bought it new. Have been DIY'ing ever since. This winter we updated the kitchen (not the remodel I hoped for as the market doesn't justify that now) and the aformentioned Family Room.

Room photos are linked.

Here is a link that might be useful: Room Photos

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Pirula - are you kidding. your kitchen is one of my absolute favorites!
The rest of your house is really pretty too... Do you remember where your DR chandy is from?

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KA, no worries, I totally understand :) I haven't really started looking for one yet...I'm sure I'll find something :)

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Hi! I�ve been lurking here for a while and I finally got the nerve to post! Our home is a 1920�s bungalow. As you can probably tell, Prim/Country is my style! The kitchen is huge for such an old house. When we moved in there were no upper cabinets on the wall that the stove is on and my DH and DBIL built them in one weekend and installed the microwave! The cabinets were old and plain so he installed moulding on the doors to dress them up. He also installed new laminate countertops.

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circuspeanut, "Weimaraner" is gorgeous! we've been looking for a color to paint our hall bath, and I think we've found our selection. Thank you for posting - I love the little gnome on the table too.

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fnmroberts I love your sculpture and hope you don't mind me showing it again here, since some might not have seen your album. Can you tell me more about it?

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Pirula - I love your pictures; your dining room is exactly the look I hope to achieve in my new kitchen. Love the chairs - mismatched but painted the same color, nice!

We have very similar taste. Your home is beautiful!

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Hi Everyone, Beautiful homes!
Pipdog--Can you please tell us the blue paint colors in your house?
Beekeeperswife- I would love to know the color in your foyer.
Looking to either paint kitchen or livingroom a blue/gray. Thanks

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paddytc--the color is BM Baltic Gray. (and the ceiling is BM Wrought Iron, in high gloss

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We are in progress .. 19 months and counting, but here's few of my favorite details. Horrible greenish quality since its with my iphone.

My girl's bathroom floor

My tub

my shower tile

dh's shower tile

leather handles on drawers under my son's bed

old door knobs throughout

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I love the leather handles on the drawers!!!!!!!!!! We really considered putting trunk handles on our kitchen cabinets! Long consideration that came down to cost. They were kinda pricey. Love the idea though.

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Glad you like the sculpture. There's actually a short blurb about it below the photo.

We picked it up when in Napa Valley several years ago. It depicts Blackbirds nesting amongst a grapevine. Both DH and I enjoy wine and have several decorative wine themes around the house.

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Hi doggone,

They are pricey. But my local retailer charged twice what it cost when I bought them directly. The mfr, SDS of London, is not really set up for retail, though. I had to have my broker wire it to them, in British pounds.

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Thanks fnmroberts! I was in Napa last week, sorry I didn't see your post earlier or I would have kept my eye out for something similar.

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There was a cataolg called Napa Style that we received in the past. Saw similar in there. Haven't received one in a long time but check and you may find.

apologies to the OP, really not wanting to steal your thread.

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My jaw is on the floor. Y'all have really great taste and lovely homes! Bee, your moon!! Love it!!

I think I need to declutter. Sigh!

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Stacy: I totally copied your vanity but used it for my office. Set the walnut going horizontal rather than vertical!

I want Noella's orange chair! Love the orange accents in Pip's house too.

My LR wall color: Pigeon Gray by BM.
The wall hanging over the fireplace is just a sculpture/mirror by Crate & Barrel. The front door is clear alder. By McFarland Door.

My next house will have mtnred's shower tile with the white swirls. The texture speaks to me completely :)

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hi fnmroberts..

I hope you revisit this thread...I wanted to show you that we have the same taste in art!

Check out the picture hanging in my dining room through my kitchen doorway...I call her "The Spaghetti Witch"...


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Thanks firsthouse!

Im very proud of it. I actually designed it myself (and that is so not my field). The existing shower stall was almost a 7 foot by 7 foot square, all surfaces of white thassos marble.

I wanted to replace and enhance all the shower fixtures, but only replace the tile on that wall. So I had the idea of mixing white and honed thassos in a pattern, to make it less obvious where old and new meet. I like paisley, so, thats what i asked them to create. The hardware looks so nice on it. They just got it in today!

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paddytc, our paint color in living/dining is "Pumice" by Restoration Hardware.

firsthouse, do you have a Jessica Martin painting in your kitchen? I am coveting one of her pieces (which happens to be orange and turquoise) for our living room. Your home is beautiful - I really love your ponyhair chairs.

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sorry about the mess seen in some of the rooms...these pics were taken during a family gathering w/lots of kids around!

our great room:

before the focal wall was finished:


kids bath:

our shower:

son's room:

daughter's room:


we obviously have a LOT more decorating to do, but we came from a tiny NYC apt so we started with NOTHING

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Pipdog, Thank you for sharing the sofa info! ;-)

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srg215 - what's the tile in your kids bathroom. Love that little nook for your daughters bed. How cozy.

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We have a very open plan; LR as seen from kitchen.

Our guest bath (I really like the RFG marble).

The back of our house after the deck fell off. It's back on now, properly installed. Plus we did a whole new patio.

And the best for last, and why we built here: The view! We also can see a nearby lake, but it's not on this photo.

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wow, what a view susanka! beautiful.

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I like this topic. I wish I had some of the amazing
rooms like all of you. I was almost too chicken to post.
My house is a total messs but I will post a few right now.
I am in the process of having the floors redone in a
couple more rooms. Right now trying to decide a color
for an extra ugly bathroom. (that is over on homedeco)


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Pirula, it's probably a good thing we don't live close by. We'd be dangerous together. And if you ever tire of your corner cabs, you know who to call.

As for the Florantha mansion...
Start with a nondescript small ranch house with 1-foot deep closets and an insane floor plan. Turn the living room into a dining room and build a walk-out two story addition for the living room and parent bedroom, a second bath, and a solar porch. Then add a wonderful kitchen on the front of the house. There's a deck on back side with a lake and garden view and a new Weber grill.

Decor: adding oak to replace previous painted pine trim as the occasion arises. Gently modern details have been added, since almost no architectural distinction was here formerly. Exterior now looks slightly farmhousy, interior has a lot of halls with framed art. Furniture is either early 19th century antique OR scandinavian modern. Add generous amounts of books, historic scientific illustrations, and old silverplate. Serve full meals at the dining table whenever possible--tablecloth, flower arrangeents, china, lotsa food.

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Florantha thank you. Aren't they lovely? i cannot take credit for them, they were built by the previous owner, who was quite the carpenter. He also built the bookcases in the living room. The photos do not do them credit. But can I have credit for that being the only wall in the house that did not come down during the gut remodel??? I had to keep them, there was no way I was tearing them out. Oh! And I gave them a well deserved coating of Farrow & Ball too!

To whomever was kind enough to compliment the dining room, in fact the chairs are painted in two different colors. But don't worry, only I can see it. One is definitely grayer than the other. I'm so glad you like them!

And the chandelier came from here: He is very nice to work with and will customize the chandy in any way you like. I wanted a longer hanging bar, because I like my dining light to be lower than the average bear.

Hope you find something you love!

Here is a link that might be useful: Wrought iron chandeliers

    Bookmark   March 12, 2011 at 1:56PM
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Srg215, may I ask what you used above and on the sides of your fireplace? We have a wall of brick with inset bookshelves around our fireplace (raised unfortunately). I'd love to reface it eventually and I love how you did yours. TIA!

    Bookmark   March 12, 2011 at 3:11PM
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Mtnrdredux...OMG!!! Please, please post more of your house...those tidbits weren't enough! Your attention to detail is utterly exquisite. I adore your daughter's bath...I just chose crystal knobs for my little girl's bath last week when I did my hardware. :)

All of you have gorgeous homes and so creative. This is much better than a magazine. Boxerpups...that green makes me so happy, it looks so fresh and clean especially with the beautiful trees outside your window.

    Bookmark   March 12, 2011 at 3:31PM
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flwrs n co: it's travertine. artistic tile ocean blue vein cut travertine (also known as silver vein cut travertine). it's gorgeous. if i had known, i would have sold you the extra tiles i had (got waaaaay too many) but i sold them to someone on craigs list.

    Bookmark   March 12, 2011 at 4:44PM
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Thanks everyone!

Prill, I love the blue color in your LR. I always wanted a pie safe, but couldn't afford one back when it would have fit in with my decor. Your bowl collection is nice too!

Everyone has such pretty spaces. :)

For anyone interested, I'm currently writing a post that will go up Sunday night on a pair of French chairs purchased for the great room that I recently had recovered. Like so many of you, getting it right is such a thrill, and we all love sharing our projects.

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Here's a glimpse of my son's bedroom. The rest of my house is torn up--studs, subfloor, no doors anywhere, nails and dust all over. His room will only get a new entry door. These closet doors are staying!

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Well, some of you live in really really beautiful homes!!
Ours is more modest, about 2,100 sq ft, 4 bedroom, with garage, not including basement.......but I am proud to say that other than foundation and framing and original kitchen cabinets that my I.T. tech hubby and I built it completely with our own hands back in 1993 (including all landscaping as well) and just completed our total DIY kitchen makeover.......a lot of the other rooms have been updated in the last few years as well.......all by us of course.....and it was built with cash, so we've been very happy here!!

This makes me realize how few photos I actually have of the interior of the house.....




Dining area of kitchen, it now has a new rug to match the new kitchen

Small section of living room

Small section of family room at Christmas

Powder room

Laundry room - we got front loads 3 years ago and I want to repaint the cabinets

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crafterbeth - I think your home is so lovely & inviting & beautiful! It's not modest to me - I'd trade in a wink! We're planning a new build this Spring. Our place will be modest & geared toward living in the wilds of Alaska so we have lots of considerations when building. Oh, joy! :)

    Bookmark   March 12, 2011 at 7:26PM
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primfan88 - I simply love your house. It's exactly what I hope to create in our little 1920s bungalow :) I'll be referring back to this thread to look at your pictures I'm sure!

crafterbeth, your house is awesome too! you and your DH must be so proud of yourselves. I wish some of your pictures weren't red 'X's though :(

    Bookmark   March 13, 2011 at 10:01AM
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I really do have to take more (recent) pics (AND transfer some that are on our desktop to my laptop so I can upload them into Photobucket).

Here are some that I have now though.

Living room (we flip-flopped our LR and DR after we reno'd the kitchen, so the kitchen opens to the LR):

Dining Room:

Guest Bathroom:

Hall Bathroom:


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I've been hesitant to post because everyone's homes are so beautiful, warm and inviting and we live in, well, a cave. What I love most about viewing the photos are the views outside. Such a diverse collection of views from all corners of the country. So much fun to see. Anyway, I'm crawling out of the cave with a few photos. The colors are a bit washed out in the photos, don't know why, maybe too much sun that day.

View from the kitchen to the dining area, living room up to the right

View from the entry. Kitchen/dining to the right and master bedroom up to the left

Our family room/game area is downstairs. All of the upper levels of the house overlook the downstairs

The house was built to surround the pool. The large rockscape area is a working waterfall

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kiffgirl--your house is soooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bookmark   March 13, 2011 at 1:56PM
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I love that white bubblytile. I remember seeing it before, I didnt know that was you!

    Bookmark   March 13, 2011 at 2:15PM
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We live in a very small home that we bought new in 1981. We were in our 20s, and it was the only thing we could afford at the time. We've been now been in it 30 years.

Formal dining room. Previously was the library/office.



Hallway of my travel photos.

Living room.


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Such beautiful spaces! Okay, I don't know about the rest of you, but each time I get on this thread I have an incredible urge to clean my house and start re-arranging furniture! I need to head back over to the composting forum and wait for the urge to pass...

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Kiffgirl - your home is so unique and is just gorgeous!
What I am curious (jealous, in awe of) about is all the unique artwork that people choose and how you make it fit in to your homes. I don't even know where to begin with that.

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Kiffgirl: What an amazing home. Please tell me more about it.

    Bookmark   March 13, 2011 at 6:12PM
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Wow. Such gorgeous homes, starting with bee's and all the way through. Mtnrd, cannot WAIT to see your finished house. You have exquisite taste (love those tiles in your daughter's bath!)

I'll play too, although my entire first floor could fit into most of your living rooms. We have a very modest 3-bdrm home, probably less than 2000 sq ft. (it was about 1600 before we added the kitchen). We love art (blfenton - sounds cliche but buy what you love!), and are always looking for unique finds on our travels.

Rococo, if you are following this thread, you will see my *very* traditional dining room, although our lunch conversation has me thinking :-). I'm like Florantha: Serve full meals at the dining table whenever possible--tablecloth, flower arrangeents, china, lotsa food.

The dining room. The rug is from Damascus; the antique mirror belongs to friends who moved to Mexico and asked us to "babysit" it.

Looking towards the kitchen. One of our favourite paintings.

Looking down towards the foyer and into the living room.

The living room. Art and artifacts from China, Bali, Nova Scotia, Turkey. The table is made from old barn board.

A glimpse of the upstairs bath - too small to take in one shot.

Don't have any pix of bdrms or office...

Would love to see more from other GWer's!


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What beautiful homes!

kiffgirl, you must tell us more about your home and where you live. Any pictures of the waterfall running?

Here is the post on my French chairs. Love them!

Here is a link that might be useful: French os de mouton chairs

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These are all so lovely! I guess our reveal will be more like months away because I have so much staging to do, lol.....

Boxer - you simply have to tell me what shade of green that is.... I love it!

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We moved in at the end of January and while the necessities are unpacked, I've lost all motivation to unpack everything else, let alone decorate. Here are a few pics. No bedroom pics because they're messy all the time!!

Breakfast nook with the table my daddy just made us with my blue ball jar that I found buried behind our house next to a tree:


Master shower:


Great room:


Our neighbor:

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SWhite, what is the color of your paint in your dining room?

    Bookmark   March 14, 2011 at 9:13PM
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swhite10. . . love your "wall words"!!

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Swhite -- love your exterior colors, your front door, and your family rules! Enjoy you new home, it's very nice!

    Bookmark   March 14, 2011 at 9:25PM
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Thanks! Kitchen/breakfast nook are both Revere Pewter.

    Bookmark   March 14, 2011 at 9:42PM
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Thanks! It is a really nice color. I've heard good things about that in the decorating forum. Is it SW or BM?

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mtnrdredux: LOVING the tile for your shower! absolutely in LOVE.
breezy: i love the idea of your ds's hand prints! i hope you don't mind; i'd like to steel that to use in our playroom. it's painted an apple green but i'm bringing in a fabric with blues so maybe we could do the prints in the blue.

this is the fabric. i'm making roman shades and draperies for the sleep over nook:

here's the playroom:

and dd's craft room:

and her pepto-pink room with the groovy chandy. but i'm going to tone it down a LOT with brown:

here's the fabric for her room:

and just so you don't think the interior is a complete circus, those colors are limited to the kids "wing"! the rest of the house is for grown ups.

there's no chance we'll be in by Easter. and i'm still trying to figure out how to break the news to my cousin who ALWAYS does this holiday that once again, SHE has to host. we'll be in eventually though. hopefully before i land myself in a wooden box.

i LOVE seeing everyone's homes!

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Revere Pewter is a BM color!

    Bookmark   March 15, 2011 at 6:48AM
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Kateskouros-ouch, my jaw hurts from hitting the desk. I'm not sure seeing pictures of it finished will be enough. Can I come over when it's done?

And kiffgirl--yes, please do tell us more about your place. I mean, there is a water feature, a BIG water feature in your house. C'mon share.

And I just want to say, I'm loving seeing all of these spaces. They are so wonderful, I know I've seen some of them on the HD forum, but this is such a great thread!

Keep them coming gang!

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Kateskouros, what is the flooring in DD's craft room...your whole home is so beautiful...

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Before I address the request for more info on our house let me say to Bee that I'm ready to buy your house fully furnished as soon as your done with it. I just love it all.

And to Swhite10 - I adore your family rules and the little tree on the wall of your mudroom is fabulous. Can you PLEASE tell me where it came from?

Our crazy cave house was designed back in the late 70's. The property was part of a large estate that was subdivided into lots. The man who bought this lot discovered a pool or natural spring (we've heard both accounts, not sure which is accurate) and had an architect design the house around the pool. The original owner was a "science guy" and built a very eco-friendly/green house. There were lots of native plants inside (the ground floor was largely a garden) and the house is positioned to take advantage of the sun's placement during the seasons - so it provides as much heat as possible in the winter and the least amount in the summer. There is a 50' long bank of windows on each side of the house, near the roof and 14 skylights. We get a ton of natural light

The house is about 4 stories tall from the base of the pool to the roof. Large louvers are placed on the northeast wall, near the roof to draw air from the lowest level through the house for cooling. Truly a very effective design.

The house was remodeled around 2004. Heat/air conditioning was added at that time, but it is still fairly eco-friendly with concrete floors around the pool and bamboo floors throughout. We are very near the coast and heat/air isn't really necessary. As you can see, there are few doors or walls inside the house. Each room is on it's own level, some different by just two or three steps. Most rooms are rounded or angled, only the powder room is a perfect rectangle.

The waterfall is part of the filter system of the pool. I don't have a great photo of it working, but this one shows it on. The flow is adjustable.

Here is the living room area. The walkway behind is a bridge to the library and office den.

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kiffgirl--Thank you!!
Family Rules came from thevinylvoice on and the wire tree came from Here is the link:

Here is a link that might be useful: Black tree wall art

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Swhite - you dont mean your exterior is BM Revere Pewter, do you? I have Revere in my pantry and my cloakroom. Great color.

KateSK - i love your fabric choices (and i am a colorphobe). The stone chimney up thru the stairwell is beautiful and unique. My other favorite in your house is a detail i didnt see in this round of photos. It's a little contrasting edge --- cant recall if its marble or wood, only an inch or so, that gives a real vintage feel to a cabinet run. Enjoy your new home!
Glad you like my tile!

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If you've seen my kitchen, you've seen my house, because it's basically one big room! Please ignore the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life:

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cyrus: the floor is from tarkett. i saw it on an episode of candice olsen a few years ago and after an exhaustive search, finally found it in my neighborhood flooring store! lesson learned: look under your own nose, first!

Here is a link that might be useful: bubble fun

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mtnrdredux--No, my kitchen and breakfast nook are Revere Pewter. Exterior colors are Boothbay Gray and Puritan Gray, if I remember correctly.

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So many gorgeous, light filled contemporary houses! I live in a 1907 Victorian/Arts & Crafts rowhome, which is definitely "daylight challenged"...especially the first floor. Pictures soon...I hope.

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o.t. Kateskouros, am thrilled to see the red chandelier in a real room. I always look at them in ads and fantasize. I've coveted those since there was one for sale in the window of the gift store at Minn. Inst. of Art. Tell your daughter she's a very lucky child.

Am wondering if I could sacrifice some of my beads to string them through my own chandelier? I love the idea that it's a mark of the ADULT area!

    Bookmark   March 15, 2011 at 5:43PM
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florantha: i would not pay retail for a red chandy. looking around the prices were just too much than i thought necessary for a little girl. i found the chandy on ebay for $150!

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Thanks again for starting this post.


I love the color too. It was custom mixed to match a golf
painting that my husband loves. Very close to Benjamin
Moore Richmond Green. Keep in mind this room has 3 walls
of windows and lots of shaded light from the trees.

I now have a little time this morning to tell everyone
I love their homes. Honestly, everyone has these inspiring
places that make me wish I could visit all of you.

Primfan88-Your soft country wall colors are soothing.

Susanka-Delicious!!! Something of better H&G.

SRg215-I could sink into that sofa with a giant bowl of
popcorn and a great chic flic.

Allsion0704- That bedroom is splendid. I could fall asleep
for hours in such a wonderful room.

Pipdog- I love your orange accents.

KitchenAddict-your granite tries to steal the show but
everything is so perfect so it must share the limelight.

Prill-A warm, wonderful woman must live in your space.

Pirula-Everything is to die for and those framed pictures
in your hallway, I would love to copy that inspiration.

Noelabelle-BEAUTIFUL!!!! You are talented.

Kateskouros-I like the pepto pink and the red chandy. Keep it.

1sthousemp-Your floors are lovely. You know I am a wood floor fan.

Staceyneil- When you first finished your bathroom, I was
drooling over it in Homedec. Gorgeous and to think not too
long ago you were traveling all over NH, MA, ME for marble.

Sw10-I wish I had an Bald Eagle for my pet : )

Catmom- Your coffee table is something out of Veranda
magazine. Amazing.

Mtnrdredux-Tile tile and more tile is making me wish I
had you here to help me make my home beautiful.

circuspeanut- great clock, I would love to see more copper
counters though. I love your kitchen.

Jodi-Ca- Are you the artist? I love the artwork. Honestly
I have neglected my own fine art talents but seeing your
house makes me want to start again. stunning.

Elipiz- Here I thought you were just a kitchen girl and
to think you have an amazing home.

Kiffgirl-Those pendants are perfect in the space. And I have
to tell you I just love your CKC spaniel. Such a cutie.

Jackabedy- I am sure I told you this, but in case I forgot
I LOVE your cabinetry. Truly magnificent.

If I forgot anyone, forgive me and if I got someone mixed
up with another forgive me again. I have never been great
with names but ask me about a picture of someone's
kitchen and I can usually tell you whose it is.

Now those of you who are a little too intimidated to
post, I do UNDERSTAND. There is amazing talent on this site
and I was fearful myself. In face a bit afraid I should
not have posted anything. Needs work I keep saying.
But please don't feel that way. Just take a pic of your
favorite wall color, child's art work or maybe a chandy.
And you will be happy to discover others on GW are loving
it too. I love each space I see above.


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I live a much simpler life than most on here. My goal was to get an acreage where I had space for my animals and I wouldn't have to drive impassible gravel roads in all kinds of weather to take care of them. Price and location were primary factors. I found this one; perfect in every way - EXCEPT- for everything I changed!

The cosmetic things I did were my personal preferance. The previous owner liked it. All the essentials are here. I have done updating, of course, although none of it was critical. I hated the kitchen even though it had served the previous owner quite well - for 30 years. I wanted it nicer than that. The bathroom had been remodeled but I didn't like that either! I had changed the toilet to a tall one which eventually leaked and made the sub floor mold. Not knowing what was happening I knew I had to fix it. In the meantime the plastic and glass freestanding shower stall griped me every time I looked at it. I had seen a walk in shower while I was house shopping and my heart stood still! I HAD to have one of those.

I have plenty of outbuildings and animals to take care of and the house isn't real high on the decorating list. I have my wonderful new kitchen and bathroom with walk in shower. I did do a face lift on all the rooms when I moved in but just enough to get rid of paint colors I couldn't live with and green shag carpet that gave me the willies. There are still decorating things I would like to do, and maybe I will, but not now. I put in an air source heat pump 3 years ago. I've put in a whole new septic system. I dropped about $20,000 on it last year with the septic, kitchen and bathroom. That doesn't sound like much compared to some appliance lists I've seen on here. It's an old farm house. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. I like it here. It's paid for. I don't need more; all I need is a place for me and my critters. I'm happy.

My house is over a hundred years old, it will never look like anything other than what it is. In 1847 the U.S. Government gave my land to Elijah Murray for service in Ohio Company K, 3rd regiment. The reason for giving land instead of pay, the government didn't have the money but it did have the land. Giving 160 acres in exchange for army service encouraged settling in "the west". It has been sold off piece by piece since then.

    Bookmark   March 16, 2011 at 8:20PM
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Boxer, yes I am an artist from a long line of artists but I don't paint. I'm a Graphic Artist.

The large gallery wrap in my dining room and the one shown below in my kitchen are both from Gallery Direct online. I love browsing their site!

The two pieces in my living room and the smaller one in my dining room are metal art. For some reason I'm really drawn to metal art. Don't know why.

In my kitchen.


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kiffgirl, where do you park the batmobile?

Your house is really wild!

Still loving all the pictures.

Sorry for breaking the links to mine, I rearranged. If anybody really cares, I could post them again.


    Bookmark   March 16, 2011 at 9:14PM
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Yes, I care! My first thought when I saw that was DRAT! I didn't take the time to memorize them when I had the chance. But with my memory, maybe there will never be enough time.

    Bookmark   March 16, 2011 at 10:23PM
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Bee-you know I care! Yes, repost. I'm not done drooling over all the things I'll do in my next house. After buying a man-cave, DH says the next one is all me!

    Bookmark   March 16, 2011 at 10:30PM
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Kateskouros - I love your playroom - I think I might steal the sleeping nook idea for our playroom window area. And I'm thinking of doing hanging bubble chairs, but I love your swings. Here's a floor in our playroom that may look familiar?

And the rest of your house is stunning too! (As are so many others - but the giggling infant trying to eat my toes precludes me from commenting all around)

    Bookmark   March 16, 2011 at 11:00PM
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Pinch, city girl that I am, I confess that I didn't "get" you at first. But the more you post, the more I have been drawn into your farm scene. I have to tell you that I absolutely love these last photos you have posted (meaning the ones in your album behind the main one of the house)! In looking at all the animals, and reading your story, I am hooked! When you say you have "a much simpler life than most on here," I need to tell you that you have something going on there that is truly rather good and special. Thank you for sharing with us.

    Bookmark   March 16, 2011 at 11:14PM
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Please post Bee.
It will be much safer now. If you have the PB account
you can even blur them up a bit or write your name across

Jodi, Of course you like metal if you are graphic artist!
There is something about the lines and solid feel of metal
to a graphic designer. I love your wall art. Thank you.

WOW, I am amazed at the history of your land. And I love
your space. Simple life? I think it is a pure, warm,
healthy, genuine life that all are drawn too. I like the
bathroom tile. And the dark wall paper looks navy but maybe
this is my monitor. Is that Oil Rubbed Bronze peeking out
from the sink and towel holder?

Alabamamommy-I wish I were a little girl dancing in that
room. Fun!

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Ok, here are the pics, again. Who knows, maybe I'll mix it up and put a different one in there....again, sorry to have broken my link, but wow, pb is so much more organized now.

Here ya go:
From the kitchen looking towards the family room:

And it's been "revised" a bit since these photos, so this is a bit more accurate of what it looks like today:

The lamp ove the couch was added, I painted the brass on the fireplace and removed the old window with a mirror. Added the chests on each side of fireplace.

Wasabi Green Living Room:


Chandy (not the moon) with a high gloss BM Wrought Iron Ceiling:

guest coat closet:

ceiling of coat closet:

The gal who has her coat hanging in the guest hall closet:

She is waiting for her "dad" to get home.

My dining room:

The powder room. There are no photos of it, but imagine this wallpaper all over when you go in there. It is a "surprise" for guests:

And...I was going to post a before & after of the kitchen, you know to mix it up....but I just saw that pb deleted some of my newly created files!!! I can't find the photos! so I tried to upload some of my "before" shots,and it won't let me, it says they have been added, but they aren't crossing over to the next page where you can see them and access them. Oh brother. I've sent them an email.

    Bookmark   March 17, 2011 at 9:17AM
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BEEKEEPER! I love your style! So classic while still of the moment! You have flawless taste... may I borrow some of it please when we get to the decorating stage??

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Kiff girl, LOVE you house!! It reminds me somewhat of the of the Bavinger House in Norman OK designed by Bruce Goff who did some incredible designs. Unfortunately, the Bavinger House was neglected for several years. A conservancy program was started a couple years ago, but I'm not sure how successful it is/will be.

    Bookmark   March 17, 2011 at 6:00PM
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Yes, marthavila. I have nothing in common with most of you other than I remodeled a kitchen. Looking at all these interiors, I am more reminded of how little I care about the "decor" inside my house! Builder grade would probably describe it well. Yours are all beautiful and I would be happy with most of them. I just don't care enough to do it.

My horse died last week. 27 years of telling her good morning and good night is a long time. She changed my life and I changed hers. My dog died. My horse died. I need a project to occupy my thoughts. I dread summer. Who will I play with?

    Bookmark   March 17, 2011 at 9:19PM
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OH gosh pinch_me I am so so incredibly sorry for your loss. 27 years is a wonderful life time for a horse and I'm sure she was so amazing loved by you.
My heart truly goes out to you. (((HUGS))

    Bookmark   March 17, 2011 at 10:21PM
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alabamamommy: thanks and yes, of course i recognize the floor! i have an eight year old boy as well, so the blue and green won out over pink. love your playhouse! we have very lucky kids! i especially like the location of our playroom: it is completely opposite of the master bedroom on the far end of the house. i like to sleep late!

pinch me: i love your animals. and i'm so, so sorry for your losses! having them leave is just as painful as any human. my sweet cat of 19 years left us just last month and i miss her every day. all of your babies are so lovely and i took particular delight in seeing your big, beautiful gray cat strolling alongside his chicken friends! love your home!

    Bookmark   March 17, 2011 at 10:32PM
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i had a glimmer of hope for you when i saw your images appear at the end of the thread ...until i realized you had reposted.

i'm sorry about the PB problem. a while back i saw an ad for an online back up service with pretty reasonable pricing. i'll look for it and post to you when i find it. sorry again.

    Bookmark   March 17, 2011 at 10:40PM
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Oh, Pinch, so very sorry for your losses! I can only imagine how much that hurts. And although I won't try to suggest how you might fill that void, I'm betting it's safe to say hat we Gwebbers will be here to play with you all summer long and beyond!

BTW, thus far I've been hesitant to comment on the individual houses in this thread. They are all so wonderful and reflective of the great diversity amongst us, that I hate to start commenting on "favorites." That said though, I gotta tell you Bee-- your house looks even more beautiful the second time around!

    Bookmark   March 17, 2011 at 11:06PM
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Pinch me,

I am truly sorry for your loss. Please keep nurturing
yourself in healthy ways. Spend time honoring your horse.
Even a photo of your horse framed by your bed may sound
silly but is a comfort. People don't realize that much time
is spent alone with a horse. There is a special bond of
communication that exists between horse and rider that is
profound. And then on top of this you loose your dog.
Dogs give off a sense of loyalty and peace.
I am so sorry you have this happening right now.
Thinking of you and hoping as time passes, the pain will
be less.

"No heaven can heaven be, if my horse isn't there to welcome me."


"Many years ago when an adored dog died, a bishop, said "You must always remember that, as far as the Bible is concerned, God only threw the humans out of Paradise"

    Bookmark   March 18, 2011 at 7:52AM
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Love those quotes boxerpups!

pinch_me, I hope with each passing day, the hurt is a little less.

I am so sorry for your recent losses.

    Bookmark   March 18, 2011 at 8:00AM
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pinch_me - I'm so sorry about your dog and horse.
Our animals are so much a part of our lives and our family.
They enrich every day.

I hope you can find comfort and with time you can move on. I know it takes a while.

    Bookmark   March 18, 2011 at 9:30AM
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What lovely homes everyone has. With all the different styles and tastes the thing that stands out is that they are really homes where families live and not staged sets.

And Beekeeperswife, may I just say "WOW".

    Bookmark   March 18, 2011 at 4:43PM
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Thank you everyone. I can go to the barn without crying most days. One day soon I won't cry for a whole day.

(Her picture has always stood by my bed until I moved here. Its place here is the bathroom counter. It is just a snapshot taken over 20 years ago.)

This is Sophie ready to steal food. She ruled Brownie and was quite naughty to her. She would stand at the top of the kitchen steps and not let Brownie come up.

Brownie's last picture.

Missy July 2009

A long time friend has brought a mare and colt to stay here for a while. It's been a long time since I've had a foal around. Unfortunately, the foal is very sick. But, life goes on. I should have put my pet cemetery in a different place. I didn't know it would have so many.

    Bookmark   March 18, 2011 at 7:55PM
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Beautiful. Brownie and Missy's soul just sings to the heart.
And Sophie sounds like a hoot.
You must be a true angle to take on the foal.
Best wishes, thanks for the pics.

    Bookmark   March 19, 2011 at 4:55PM
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When this thread was active, I was on the road and hadn't any pictures to post. Then I got locked out of my GW account. And then I got locked out of my Photobucket account. Sigh. That's why I am such a Johnny Come Latey here.

So, this is my 1911 Portland three story four square, (very) vaguely craftsman-cottage inspired. It is very typical of the houses built 100 years ago for the small urban lots here. It has the tight floorplan of a four square, the trim and built-ins popular at the time (indeed, my neighbor has the identical moldings - must have been a sale at the local mill then), and the misfortune to be inhabited by a very messy and cluttery family. Clever photography has hidden the half-built balsa airplane (err, maybe not) on the living room game table, one of the lazy cats on the chairs, the Lego Death Star that graces the dining room, and so on. I didn't tidy up the piles of books, and you may see the huge red balloon and the fencing foil, that are destined to meet someday.

So now you see the house into which my kitchen must fit. After reading the excellent threads on contextual beauty, I realize that my cherished Royal Tuscan kitchen vision may not be quite right for this house, and perhaps not my Space Odyssey kitchen vision either. I think I will be pursuing the contextually harmonious themes of Clutter And Clash. No, not the '80s band.

The kitchen is pointless to show, not just because it is a "before", but also because you can see one just like it down at Home Depot. I wonder what it was like before they gutted it?

    Bookmark   April 14, 2011 at 12:27AM
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Dear, dear John. You continue to amaze. I love your home. Folks with a very rich life live there.
DH now has the ceiling of one of our barns devoted to 21 of the model planes and ducted fan "jets" he has built. No Death Stars, but I do recall Lego everything else when the DSes were younger, and one eeevil cat who lived to destroy DS1's complex edifices.

    Bookmark   April 14, 2011 at 9:32AM
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johnliu --

Didn't you bring up steampunk style a few months ago? Someone on that thread posted pics of a drop dead wonderful kitchen with black cabinets and a range that looks like a Victorian steam engine. I loved it but recall thinking that it was a kitchen for a cool misty climate, not the too often steamy climes of the Potomac.

Anyway, I can envision a variation of that kitchen in your house. Walking through a (vaguely) Craftsman living space into a (vaguely) Paddington Station kitchen is not so far fetched.

Smashing house, in any case.

    Bookmark   April 14, 2011 at 4:52PM
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OK...I've finally got a decent day, time and a working camera. So here are some pictures of the house my kitchen fits in! Baltimore's version of the painted ladies.

living room fireplace/stove...ignore the broom handle on the right, please.

the reading nook in the front of the house

the hall of mirrors (aka stairway)

my favorite part of the master bath...the reflection of the window on the shower glass

master bedroom fireplace...unfortunatly not working

one of the three stained glass pocket doors...this one to the master bedroom

Posting still-unfinished kitchen pictures next!
(See beekeepers wife...I did eventually post!)

    Bookmark   May 3, 2011 at 5:28PM
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It's beautiful. I love the roof line -- pretty unusual. And is it clay tile?

Great color choices. I love the paint detail in the arch!

    Bookmark   May 3, 2011 at 5:37PM
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Yes, it's a clay tile least that little bit you see is. Behind it is a big flat ugly rubber roof. Only good thing about makes a great place for a roof deck!

    Bookmark   May 3, 2011 at 6:03PM
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Don't take this the wrong way, melissastar, but I'm in love. I am so happy you didn't stuff a conventional kitchen in that lady.

    Bookmark   May 5, 2011 at 7:56AM
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I do see! Thanks! Your home is beautiful. I didn't know you are in Baltimore, so close. I hope that more people will post their photos. This has been such a fun thread. Glad to see it pop back up!

    Bookmark   May 5, 2011 at 8:31AM
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Johnliu:'s not the in love part I'm wondering about. It's the definition of conventional kitchen! I don't think of mine as particularly UNconventional!

Bee...can't recall where you are?

    Bookmark   May 5, 2011 at 10:07AM
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Beautiful houses johnliu and melissastar. Great that you've maintained the character of the house.

All the houses here are so nice to see and I hope it keeps going too.

    Bookmark   May 5, 2011 at 10:12AM
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johnliu, I agree with kitchendetective, "Folks with a very rich life live there."

melissastar, I love your "hall" of mirrors! Very clever.

    Bookmark   May 5, 2011 at 1:38PM
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In the corner where PA,MD,DE meet.

    Bookmark   May 5, 2011 at 1:46PM
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Melissa - just saw this - beautiful!

    Bookmark   May 19, 2011 at 10:10AM
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*backs slowly away from this thread*

wow. I am way intimidated. I'm so neverever posting pics of our teeny tiny infill that looks like student housing in comparison to all your magazine spread quality homes. WOW. I am so out of my league!

    Bookmark   May 19, 2011 at 10:45AM
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I just found this awesome thread today. John you're not the only one late for the party, he he.

Is it too late to revive this discussion? If not, I just may chime in later tonight.

    Bookmark   July 7, 2011 at 12:18PM
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Oh my, I am so glad Bee referred me to this post. I missed it because I was in the THANKS Bee! This was so much fun to look at all of the beautiful decorating everyone has done to your homes...maybe more will want to add to this post~~hope so.

    Bookmark   July 30, 2011 at 12:40PM
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I'm coming in late to this thread, but here's a few photos. You can click on the photos to see more at my photobucket album.

Master bath with natural-cleft quartzite floors

More master bath - the missus' makeup area. I made the little jewelry cabinet on the counter.

Den (Scherr's cabinets, finished and installed by me)

Living room/music room (tile is tarvertine with copper accents in a pinwheel pattern)

Swimming pool (my daughter walks on walker :) This is actually the view directly out my kitchen windows. The waterfall cascades into the pond, then feeds back into the pool.

The backyard at night, an awesome place for small dinner parties.

    Bookmark   July 30, 2011 at 1:06PM
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chiefneil--oh, how I wold love to be at one of those small dinner parties! What an absolutely wonderful setting (and a beautiful home)!!!

    Bookmark   July 30, 2011 at 1:13PM
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