Or Lighter . . .

MagdalenaLeeApril 14, 2014

Just for fun:

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Thanks Magdalena. I like the DEPTH of that color, but not the color itself.

Can you do it in ashen tan and northwood brown? (BM)?

ONe is light, one is darker.

I SO appreciate all the interest and help here! Thank you all so much.

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I do like Magdalena's mock-up a lot because it leaves the room with a bit of contrast. And I'm one who liked it the way it was! The darker colors seem to be making all the beautifully placed furniture and art disappear. It would probably be fun for a winter, but after one or two years I'll bet you'd be looking up White Sand or something similar to it again! (I'm in the process of painting a dark olive room--seemed so daring and rich and cozy at the time--pretty much back to the beige it was five years ago. But that's why we do this, I guess. We get bored or the light changes, or our moods. The change make such a huge difference, though, at first.

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