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AFT3March 20, 2013

Hi we are planning a kitchen remodel. The inside dimensions are roughly 18.5 x 11 (on one wall and 12) on the other wall. We have a rough plan, as in the drawing posted, but I am feeling like the 3' space between the pantry doors and the side of the desk would look strange. Also we couldn't decide whether to put the desk on the end of the wall that is shown, or on the opposite end where the broom closet is currently located. If it is on the opposite side, it would be refrigerator, then broom closet then desk. Otherwise it would be desk, refrigerator the broom closet. The dining room is parallel to this kitchen, with the dining table being about 3 - 4 feet from the island.
I also don't know which would be the best place to put the overhang on the island. One overhang is closest to the dining table, the other is drawn closest to the kitchen sink, but should it be on the side by the refrigerator?
FYI the refrigerator is 3 feet deep, not counter depth.

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I'd suggest moving your prep sink so it was servicng the prep space associated with the range. You could put it on the corner closest to the range, rather than on the corner facing the fridge. It would give you better fridge-landing space, too, as well as move it out of the face of the seated diners.

Having a prep sink closely allied with my hot-cooking prep area is, to me, the preferred association. All other demands for water can be accomodated at the clean up sink, including handwashing for non-cooks. For mid-prep handwashing (chicken-guts on your hands), I want a tap very close at hand. And I prefer not to use the one I also wash dishes at, to cut down on cross contamination. Water glasses are also commonly stored near the DW.

Some people prefer to have a prep sink function more as a bar sink for drink service (coffee machine and booze), but if I needed that function, I'd have a third sink somewhere else if that couldn't be accomodated in the clean up zone.

As for the desk: you've got it smack in the middle of the main action axis. Does how you use it warrant that placement? Meaning do you actually use a desk during cooking prep? (Maybe you use the internet or are a cookbook writer?) If instead you simply plan to use as an all-purpose household desk. command central or homework spot, I'd place it elsewhere to keep the focus on prep in that area. it would be a pain to have someone sitting at the desk when you need to get the pantry doors open to grab an ingredient in the midst of an intense cooking session.



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Hi, Thank you for your response. I had planned to move the prep sink, but this was the latest drawing I had at the time. I do agree with you.

I have another alternate layout which I would like to post because it eliminates that funny space in front of the pantry. - BTW, do you think the space between the Pantry and the desk would seem awkward? (as currently drawn - the desk should really be where the broom closet is, and the broom closet should be in the middle, with the fridge closest to the window which separates the pantry from the refrigerator.)

THis alternate layout moves the desk in front of the window, the refg. closer to the stove, the broom closet closer to the right side window, the island seats closer to the new pantry location which is now to the right of the island. There is above cabinet storage next to the broom closet. These would be for desk related items.

BTW, I do see using the desk as a place for a laptop to read recipes from internet sources, and also as a place to sort mail, enter calendar events etc. Command central and cooking. But the idea was to have a laptop so that I could move the computer to where ever it suits me best at the time.

The dining table is parallel to the island so I imagine that will be the main homework table (as it is now..)

I am not sure how to post several images.. Can you tell me how to do this? I will post a drawing of the alternate layout...

Thanks for your ideas!

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