Pool Krete on Top of Gravel in Pool Bottom

doylineJune 17, 2011

I am building vinyl liner inground pool. PB was doing the pool krete on the bottom today. In the shallow end I noticed there was an inch or 2 of gravel. He was putting the pool krete over the gravel. Everything I read said bottom should be free of rocks and lumps before putting it down. (He is gone now, raining of course)Is this right?

Is he doing something he shouldnt? Before I ask I would like to know my facts, since I have been asking him alot lately.

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PB came back after the storm to talk. I ask him about the gravel and Pool Krete. He said there were rough spots and he was using the gravel to smooth the bottom out and put Krete over it just like you would do when laying regular concrete. Does this sound right? If stormed all night and everthing they did with the Pool Krete is laying on the pool floor or hanging off the walls. How do the fix this??

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I only use sand and cement mix on my floors. Pool Krete is only used for patching when replaceing a liner.

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Pool Krete is a premixed vermiculite and Portland cement mix. It is frequently use here in NJ. In fact, I will be replacing the vast majority of an abused floor/hopper today/tomorrow before dropping a new liner.

The old bottom had all the cement washed away and the v-mix became mushed and filled with mold and algae. Add to it that the original hopper walls were eyeballed instead of strung out to ensure they were flat and I can expect the bottom to look much, much, nicer.

I will ask the homeowner if I can post pics.


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who can sell me about 40 (40lb) bags on pool krete in Wayne NJ?

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I don't think you want to DIY this step. Let the pro pick whether he wants pre mix or if he wants to mix his own. He should, if he's a pro, be able to get it.

If you decide to do this on your own, you should be able to order it from any liner pool builder.

Since you are in Wayne and many parts are in flood zones, if you are in one of these zones, I urge to add a dry well for under the pool. This can be a major cost saver 10 years from now when it's time to change the liner.


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I agree with Scott on recapping a floor it is the standard to use .But IMO a sand cement mix makes a much smoother floor for a new pool build.

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