Cat Enclosure

brooksterSeptember 8, 2010


Any inexpensive ideas on how I can enclose underneath my deck so it can be used a cat enclosure.

Also what is the best way to install a through the wall cat door?

Any suggestions are most welcome!



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can you show a pic of your deck curently? i'm trying to imagine how it's laid out with respect to your home.

we recently installed a door inside our house for the cats to go through, our cats are a large breed though so we had to get a "medium dog door".
are you specifically looking for a door that will go through the wall only, or will you consider one that goes into a door too?

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I would think wire yard fencing would work well. Price wise you cann,t beat it I priced some at $30 for a fifty foot roll this spring. If you don,t like the look you can cover it with something like lattice work later. My cats cann,t get threw the brown plastic lattice work we put up under our deck but the big dogs do get in so fencing under it would be a good idea anyway.

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galvanized mesh would work well, make some picture frames out of wood and staple the mesh to the back.

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These are great suggestions.
I will attach the 'fencing ' to the underside of the deck and then to the posts and finally bury it about 6 inches into the ground .
Also will back fill/pack the trench and lay stones around all of the fencing n the ground.

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The underside of the deck has a dirt 'floor'.
How far down in the dirt do I need to bury the 'fencing' to keep him safe?

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