Problems signing in -please respond

magothyrivergirlJanuary 28, 2011

I am having problems logging in to this site and posting after I am logged in. I notice others saying they cannot log in. I have notified GW of my problem, and they are working with me, but seem to think it is a problem with Macs. I am curious, are those of you also having problems use Macs? And if yes, Safari or Firefox?

Please notify GW about not being able to sign in. There is a link at the bottom of the page for Technical Problems - click on it and report your issues to help them solve this problem. I know I want to get back to posting and reading your posts as normal.


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I have contacted them, but haven't heard anything. Some days I can't get on at all. I have a PC and Firefox. Very frustrating.


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I'm using Google Chrome on a PC. I like Firefox but prefer Chrome. I haven't had any problems logging on.

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I've had no problems at all either. I have a PC and usually use firefox.

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I use a PC and Firefox, when I just want to log in and do a new post, no problem but whenever I want to update an existing post, I have to back out of the post and go to the main forum page and log in, then go back to the post. And sometimes that doesn't work either but it isn't consistent so it's hard to report it accurately. This also happens in other forums, it's not just this one.

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I have a PC and Firefox. A few days ago I had the same problem as Rita......couldn't log in to answer a post without going back to the main problems today.

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I can only log in using Firefox on my PC. There are days when the ads freeze and I can't do anything. I do report my probs.

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I'm on both at Home & at work, Home old PC w/ IE.
Work current PC w/ IE as well.

I only seem to have trouble at home, sometimes things freeze, but particularly, I sometimes lose my scroll bars (its that what they're called, up & down side arrows, right?)

Tho late yesterday at the office, I seemed to keep getting hung, frozen at GW stuff, answering posts I think.

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