Pool Filtering System

ShannaSJune 28, 2012

We are beginning the dig on our pool next week and we are still undecided if we should use a salt water system or a standard chlorine system. We live in Sacramento CA, our pool will only be 36 X 11 (sport) and 4 to 6 feet deep. We are leaning toward a pebble sheen finish with concrete coping. I have read many of the other posts on this topic but they are all more than a year old and I was hoping for current observations. Thank you.

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We did salt, but I hear chlorine is better on the equipment! Our pool is 8 months old so time will tell.

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You can always add a salt system to any pool... But make sure they use things like bronze anchors that the salt will not effect...

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It honestly depends on the water in your area. In the area we build pools it is horrible. The high calcium hardness, high pH, high alkalinity in my area all work against the salt system. Also, we use mainly Oklahoma flagstone as coping which lasts about 2-3 years with a salt system (will last longer if you seal it once a year). In other areas where the water chemistry is different it works well. My advice would be to ask your builder what his past experience is with salt pools and what he would put in his own pool.

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Lets keep some terminology and facts straight here.

A salt system is a chlorine system. It is properly described as a Salt Water Chlorine Generator.

The main issue with Oklahoma Flag, as I see it, is the fact that it is porous and soft. It will absorb salted water, leaving salt in the pores when the water dries. As the salt accumulates in the pores, micro-fractures in the stone form, eventually eroding the stone. This is not corrosion. Corrosion is a chemical process, not a physical one. If it was used here in NJ, I would expect to see chipped stone edges in a pool every Spring from the freezing temps creating ice in the fractures. Ice expands.

Salt, in and of itself, is not corrosive. Please look at your typical, metal topped salt shaker. See any rust?

Water, in its pure form, does not conduct electricity well. Add impurities to the water and it will then. Salt is one such impurity.

Cells use a relatively low voltage between two metal plates to form the chlorine a pool needs. It is the same chlorine as Clorox on a different scale. This process is called electrolysis.

Electrolysis can be corrosive. Modern pools in the US, Canada, Austrailia, and many other places are designed to absorb any stray currents harmlessly. These strays can be from multiple sources, not just cells. These are what can cause chromed items and stainless to form rust and rot some types of sockets used to hold rails and ladders in place if the safeguards are not in place, are not adequate, or are broken. In fact, I have such a pool I am fixing next week where the rail and ladder sockets became so corroded, they became unusable. The builder used what I considered substandard products and methodologies to create this situation and alas, the homeowner has to pay the price.

A salt system is not a part of the filtering system. It is a part of the sanitation system. The filtering system removes debris. The sanitation system kills bio-badies and oxidizes and renders inert, sweat, tanning lotions, bug sprays, etc...

The original poster's design will, in all likelihood, handle a salt system without any problems. I would encourage it, in fact.


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Thank you all for the input, especially Scott. We met with the pool builder and I now understand the difference between filters and sanitation and heaters and acid feeds! We have decided to go with a salt pool and feel very good about it.

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Could you get an automatic pool cover with a Salt pool?? Do you need to go with different ladders and railings to prevent the corrosion Scott mentioned above. Sorry really new and interested.

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Automatic covers can but it's more money. Special hardware, mostly stainless support brackets, bolts, and such are needed.


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