Ipe board scalloping

eden_maSeptember 11, 2009

Hi all,

I just received my shipment of Ipe 5/4x6 from a local yard and many of the boards have 1" scalloping of varying depths - about 1/32" to 3/32" - running along the width, every 3 feet or so. It's like a repeating pattern, so I assume this is from a planer. It's similar to the scalloping on oak flooring that is sanded out when finished. Is this normal for Ipe? In all other respects, the boards look good.



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Some Folks would complain if they got hung with a brand new rope. J.

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Can you post a close-up photo?

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Here is a close up shot. If these marks are par for the course (are they?), then should they sand out OK with an ROS with 60 grit?



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hard to tell from the small pic but I don't think this is from a planer but rather from the metal banding they use to secure the bails of IPE which during shipment rub up against the board and cause this well defined band....I had a few and sanded them right out.

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Thanks for your responses. There are so many marks, that we'll go ahead and sand the whole deck.

Am now getting ready to buy TWP. Can't seem to find it locally. John - do you have any pictures on your website of the Dark Oak/Cedartone mix that you've written about? Sweet - how is your TWP finish holding up (ran across your old posts on this today).

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TWP 100 series is a build coat finish the Co recomends wet on wet or the second coat on right away. I have gone beyond that. Corectley done a twp outdoor finish will last 3-5 years and will never have to be striped down.

A 2 part dark oak/3 part cedartone natural twp mix will provide a brown color. TWP dark oak has a lot of solids using it will require a learning curve compaired with cedartone natural by itself. J.

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Those look like marks made by the sticks used to air dry the bundles of ipe lumber. The metal bands usually leave rust stains. Both will sand out easily.

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I couldn't find TWP retailer within 100 miles of me, even though there were half a dozen listed on the Amteco web site. I called them all and no one seemed to even have heard of it, and Amteco was clueless. I bought mine from mfgsealants.com, which ships out of Atlanta. Their price was slightly lower than other internet vendors and had free shipping if you order 2 or more gallons. It arrived about 1 week after order.

We ended up falling in love with how Dark Oak looks on garapa (might even pass for ipe :-)). I'll post photos in my "big ol' garapa deck" thread tomorrow with the requisite updates.

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Looking forward to seeing your latest pictures with the TWP Dark Oak. Saw the mfgsealants website, and may use them as well. Just for clarification, you sanded first, then did your cleaning and brightening, right? I don't know if the order matters.


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