Back Pain question

jewels_ksApril 22, 2013

My daughter, who is 16, has been having some lower back pain for a while. Should I take her to our family doctor or to a chiropractor? We have good insurance, but I know nothing about chiropractors and have no idea if most insurance companies cover them.

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Start with your doctor. Suppose she has a kidney infection?

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Just some thoughts ...

My son had terrible back pain when he was 13. We thought it was his backpack which was loaded down with books he had to carry to and from school but even driving him to school didn't help so we took him to his GP. X-rays and a urine test were ordered and it was determined he was constipated. One dose of a super duper laxative and all his pain went away.


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It could be an ob/gyn problem. I had back pain with an ovarian cyst.

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good luck

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Definitely start with your family doctor. If it turn out not to be a cyst or urinary track infection or other medical condition, you can consider a chiropractor. Most insurance companies cover a limited number of visits to a chiropractor.

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Start with your family dr., of course, there are so many different possibilities here. A chiropractor? I'm going to get some flack here, but I would definitely NOT take a child to one--they aren't medical drs, and can do a great deal of harm (including causing strokes). Instead, take her to an orthopedic dr. if you truly believe she's having problems with her back/spine. They're the ones who can identify and fix the problem, if necessary.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It depends upon the quality of the chiro, azzalea. The one my husband goes to is remarkable in his knowledge and care. He has a working relationship with the orthopedic and neurological community. He can take x -rays when needed. Robert's own physician recommended that Robert go to him. Our insurance covers his visits without question.

That being said, I've never seen a child in the waiting room. That's not a good call for a 16 year old.

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I know there are good Chiropractors out there - but there are so many that are complete quacks. One of my friends took her kids to one to "draw the poison out" after vaccinations. Oh brother!

Go to your regular doctor.

My DD had back pain related to a sports injury. She was able to get into physical therapy and do some core strengthening (I was surprised at how much that helped, considering she was already in top physical conditioning)

If I had taken her to a Chiropractor - we would still be going in for "adjustments" - flame me too, but I do not believe in Chiropractors.

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I have had back pain since my early 20s. I have scoliosis and tried orthopedic doctors, PT, acupuncture and chiropractors. Last fall I finally asked friend for recommendations for a chiro here in Ames. I went weekly for 8 weeks and now monthly. Bless his heart, this guy accepts Medicare as payment in full. Last Saturday I attended a parade at the University and walked all around campus afterwards. I haven't been able to stand through a parade without pain for 50 years. I was so amazed at how good I feel now and how my balance has improved.

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having taught at Indiana Univ Indy Medical School I am famous for saying "No one grows up saying they want to be a chiro, they start out saying doctor then fail..." I do know a small hand full of Chiro doc's who went on to do the 2+ yrs of med school specialty training, they are still chro's but have some Md training. I have many more MD friends & they do not go to Chiro's. Not everything is fixable by an MD but I would not go straight to a chiro w/o dr approval. I am sure there are some issues chiro's are well at but certainly not everything is treatable by cracking your back... I also have a college friend whose mom had back issues and went to a chiro and he damaged her back further & she spent weeks in traction. ~ liz

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There are good chiropractors and there are bad chiropractors just like in any field. Today they must have more extensive schooling then they had to have in the past. That being said, I feel the same way about chiropractors that I feel about microwave ovens. They have their place but I wouldn't want to cook my whole meal in them. Chiropractors have their place but I wouldn't wan to go to one to treat cancer. But, always start with an MD before going to a chiropractor. I went to an orthopedic DR and he said he sends many of his sports injured students to a chiropractor, depending on the injury, of course.

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