Finished Pictures! Old Farmhouse Kitchen

danielle00March 27, 2009

I think it's a given that we are only about 98% finished.. a few odds and ends to do.

We bought an old farmhouse in '08. It was in great shape, but the kitchen was not very efficient. We removed a chimney, shifted a door, raised the windows and ended up with a ton more space. We wanted it to look like it belonged in the house-- Crown Point really helped us achieve the look we were going for.

Here are the details... let me know if I forgot something:

Cabinets: Crown Point frameless, old cupboard door, quartersawn oak perimeter w/ candlelight stain; island inset w/ slate blue milk paint

Counters: Green Mountain Original soapstone perimeter; Carrara island

Floor: Pine rescued from under two layers of vinyl & glue

Appliances: BlueStar range, Jenn-Air refrigerator, Bosch DW, Electrolux Icon wall oven; Prestige hood.

Sink: Ticor

Faucet: Kindred

Lights: Schoolhouse electric

Wall Color: BM Philadephia Cream at 75% intensity



eating area adjacent to kitchen (not renovated, but we painted and got rid of some shelving) Hate to use the Boos Butcher block as a microwave table, but I had no place for it in the new kitchen.

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Absolutely beautiful! I will have to say although I love all of the details, my favorite is your floor. I would have given anything if under the old vinyl and carpet in the old part of the house I would have discovered your pine (my DH assures me it's not there). Enjoy - you deserve it!!!

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You did a wonderful job. It looks great!

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OMG! That floor! The floor is absolutely fabulous. You cabs truly have an understated beauty and I LOVE that piece of marble on your island. Looks so pretty with the blue milk paint. Congratulations on your beautiful job.

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Danielle - it looks fabulous! You must be so thrilled with the results. Like farmhousebound, I think your floors are simply wonderful - what a great find. I also love the colour of the island with that beautiful marble. But everything really looks great. Congrats!

Enjoy your new kitchen and happy cooking,

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Fori is not pleased

Well that is QUITE nice.

Now wasn't that worth it?

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While I think that everything in your kitchen is stunning I have to comment on the beauty of the wall with the hutch and frig. The colors are so warm. The cabinetry is stunning.

You were lucky to find the wood floor under all the glue and vinyl. Please share how you were able to remove the glue and vinyl.

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Oh Danielle, I can't believe you're done already!!! It looks terrific. I love the cabinets, counters and floors and I really love your lighting fixtures. Just beautiful. Congratulations!

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Thanks, everyone!

The floor was a pleasant surprise. We were committed to saving the floor no matter how poor its condition. Thankfully there were no major problems (there is one rather large hole we patched with plywood-- it is lurking under the carpet near the door).

Our GC ripped up the two layers of vinyl. The glue was very dry, so I was able to peel most of it up. I used my bench scraper to pry it up and then I just sort of yanked at it. The floor guys got the rest of it up, sanded, and then put down 2 coats of poly.

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Fantastic! I like how you left the one side of the kitchen open with no uppers. It feels very open.

Your floors! Gorgeous...I love old distressed flooring, yours looks great. You did a marvelous job matching your cabinets to your floors so they seem to blend together really well.

And...I love your counters. So beautiful!

Enjoy your new kitchen!

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Danielle, it's beautiful. We are in the midst of redoing our old farmhouse kitchen too, so I'm excited to see yours. The floor is stunning. We have old pine floors too and I am trying to decide what colour to stain them. Can I ask what stain you used?

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Very, very nice. I think you did a great job keeping the spirit and look of an old farmhouse but incorporating those nice new amenities that we all enjoy so much. The Crown Point cabinets are absolutely perfect, and I love your soapstone countertops. Great job! Congratulations and enjoy!

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Gorgeous kitchen!! You should be proud!

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Are you $%$*#&ing kidding me??? Look how fabulous this turned out!!! I can't believe you are done already (can you hear my jealousy?? :P

I love how the cabs turned out, and frankly don't even see the soffits. That unbelievably gorgeous soapstone with the awesome big vein by the sink - ooo la la. and the carrara slab looks marvelous as well (do post a close up, please!)

Congrats and enjoy a yummy glass of something - CHEERS!

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Love it! The blue milk paint island looks perfect! Your in laws will love it!

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Thanks for all the kind words-- it's nice to share and get feedback from people who are equally obsessed about their kitchens.

We did not stain the floor. We just had the floor guys sand it and put down two coats of poly. It was oil-based, so it darkened up the floor a bit. We ended up really lucky, especially since we picked out the cabs without knowing what the floor would look like.

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What a lovely kitchen! I can really appreciate the way you altered the color scheme and footprint. What with the warm wood floors and cabs, it's now a more embracing space while at the same time, the whole room is considerably more open and airy. Love those CP cabs! Countertops are gorgeous! Congratulations!

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It's a beautiful transformation. I love the qs oak, marble and soapstone. If mine is as nice as yours, I will be happy! The windows really open the room and the light coming in is so nice.

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Danielle, it turned out absolutely fabulous and I am so happy for you. Some of the things you stressed about the most-- the wall color, the island color, and the soffits, for example, turned into great elements. You could not have made better choices with your cabs and counters. I know some fab cooking is going to be happening in this space. And as others have said, it looks so well with the house.

I really think you've shown grace under pressure during this project. After losing a cab deposit, a lot of people would have licked their wounds for a few weeks rather than devote their energy to seeing their project to completion. Also, here you are posting finished kitchen pics when the inlaws arrive in hours. I bet you cooked dinner tonight, too, on that Bluestar. Lady, you get stuff done!

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Wow, what a HUGE and BEAUTIFUL kitchen! I kept having to scroll up and then down with the before and after photos - the sink portion of the kitchen is not recognizable.

Does your island have drawers?

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The cabinets are beautiful, but I just can't get over the floor! I am currently living with unfinished old pine that is only half-uncovered from the decades of glue and lino, and I can only hope and pray it turns out half as nice as yours! I do have one strip in the middle that I'm going to try to patch (we'll see... I hope I can fix it), but your floor gives me hope! Do you know how old it is?

Your kitchen is absolutely perfect. I just can't get over it.

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I have one functional BlueStar burner-- apparently it was rigged for propane and I'm on natural gas. My appliance vendor has been really responsive, BlueStar has been excellent, and the service center here has been great too (I had a visit the day after it was installed; parts were sent overnight; and I have a follow-up appt. early next week). And you're right.. the deposit loss was horrible, but there is no way we could have gotten anything remotely close to our finished product if we had stuck with the other cabinet people.... so, in a way it worked out for the best (but, I'm still hoping to see some of that money!)

melanie 1422,
we aren't exactly how sure the house is or how sure the floor is. We do know that the house was built around 1880 (hence some random numbers when I reference the age of my house-- I normally just write "old"). We know that the kitchen was a later addition (first part of the 20th c). My floor guy thought the floors could have been from them... the ones in the front room certainly look that old (odd insect damage, weird patches, etc). We were surprised we did not encounter more oddities and problems in the kitchen. I'll try to take some pictures of the holes and The Hole later... we also have a lot of rotten boards under our baking center (out of sight, out of mind, right?)

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OMG Danielle! It's To Die For! I want to lie down on your soapstone counters LOL! Have you oiled them a few times already?

How did you go about picking that shade of blue for the island? I absolutely love it, and I know how tricky the blue colors can be. Our guest bedroom is painted blue, and it took me weeks to pick the right shade after agonizing over so many blue colors that I was going out of my mind (I love the one I eventually picked tho). Did you also agonize over several blue shades, or, with your unerring eye, just make a beeline to that perfect one without hesitation?

And give a big hooray to Crown Point. What a fabulous job.

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Beautiful! It's open and calm. And warm! The quiet open feel really lets all of the things stand out on their own... oven, lighting, soapstone, island, cabinets... beautiful! It looks so peaceful. :)

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we have 6 drawers and one ugly outlet on our island.

i've oiled them several times w/ mineral oil. today my shipment of oil/wax arrived (someone on here had recommended it). I LOVE the soapstone.

The blue choice was easy-- Crown Point sent us some samples.. three were blue... 2/3 were way too dark. Hence the slate blue.

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Wow!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful kitchen for an old house! Now I have soapstone envy.

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Danielle!!! Oh my goodness it turned out soooo beautiful!! I love the lack of wall cabinets, your floor, your soapstone, your hutch, and of course your yummy Slate Blue milk paint island!! You know I love inset cabinets but those frameless cabinets are beauties!!

A few questions: How high is your ceiling? Are you still planning to do some open shelving on your window wall? How long are the stems on the pendants over your sink? Are you doing a backsplash at all? When's the family coming over from Italy?

Congratulations on your gorgeous new space!


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Wow - amazing! The cabinets and the soapstone are gorgeous. I'm having major, major soapstone envy.... The floors add such character to the room. It is just perfect.

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Ooh, it is absolutely fabulous! I cannot believe you are already posting your finished pictures! (Do you detect envy? You would be right! ;^) ) I love the whole richness of it. Your floors, that incredibly yummy soapstone--everything is FABU!

Enjoy your wonderful new space! Congrats!

BTW, your wall color is perfect!

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Danielle - your kitchen is beautiful! I love every bit of it! You must be so happy! I'm adding this to my inspiration folder!

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The inlaws come TOMORROW (saturday). We finished just in time. My GC really delivered (as did the countertop guy who worked last weekend to get them installed on Tuesday).

Our ceiling is standard hight (give or take a few inches. We might put some open shelving or a plate rack on the window wall at some point. My island is empty, though, and we've already loaded up the kitchen. We don't need the space, but I do like the convenience of a shelf near the range to keep things like oil, salt, etc.

after some of the kitchens that have been posted here lately, i'm flattered you'd add ours to your inspiration file. i do have to say that w/o this site for inspiration, advice, and support (especially when we had our setback w/ the original order), our kitchen would not have turned out as well. I'm sure everyone who participates here would agree that the advice here is invaluable.

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Oh danielle! What can I say. Your soapstone your cabinets your milk paint and that scrumptious find of a floor my head is spinning I don't know what I like best. I guess I love them all. Great Job!

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Danielle- I've been waiting for this kitchen to post. It's beautiful. I love the soapstone, blue island, inset hutch, lighting and paint. Your cabinets are really beautiful. That floor took my breath away. Love the arch also. Great job. Thanks for sharing! Kris

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Danielle, I was so excited to see this post was from you and that it had pictures of your finished kitchen!!

I love the quartersawn oak cabinets and of course the much debated blue island that is just perfect! And look at you all organized and with everything right in it's proper place!

It's all just lovely and so in keeping with the age and style of your home. It is one of those timeless kitchens that everyone will walk into and instantly feel at home! Great job!

Enjoy every minute of cooking for your in-laws (I call mine the out-laws! ;) ) in your beautiful new kitchen!

Kat :)

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Well done! It looks fabulous, warm and inviting. Enjoy your lovely kitchen and your in-laws visit.

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What a gorgeous kitchen. I love how the hardwood floor go so well with the stain in the cabinets. Love your off-white ceramic holder by your stove. Do you remember where you purchased it? Thank you for sharing!

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Wow, such a lovely Country Kitchen.
The wood floors are so inviting and seem to make the room
expand. The soapstone counters add a sense of purpose
yet elegance to the room. I like you two pendants above
the sink area.

Enjoy the treasure you created.
Thanks for giving us all ideas.

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my dad showed up yesterday with the ceramic holder. it's an antique crock he picked up at an estate sale a long time ago. in a former life he dealt art and antiques, so he supplies us with most of our art too. I'll have to tell him you noticed it.

laughing about the 'outlaws' comment.

that was so sweet-- thank you!

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Absolutely gorgeous! Love the blue island w/marble, the floors, the CP cabinetry and the open window wall. Very fitting for your period home :)

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I really admire the classic simplicity of all the elements (each compliments the other so perfectly). While the kitchen has some very contemporary elements the spareness of the design and materials seem like a perfect fit in an "old" farmhouse. I can't believe it got done so quickly, no matter how great the visitors a 1\2 done kitchen would have defintely been a strain. Congratulations.

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Danielle it's beautiful! I'm lusting after your bluestar is on order and it's one of the things I'm the most excited about. ;-) I love your soapstone and the floors are to die for - so lucky you had them! The blue island, cabinets, lighting (I'm also going with schoolhouse electric) is perfect for a farmhouse kitchen.

I noticed the crock, too - I have two 2 gallon crocks next to my stove now - one for metal utensils, one for wooden. I'll be doing the same thing in my "new" kitchen.

Congratulations! I came in late and just recently learned of the hell you went through - you deserved this beautiful kitchen. :-)

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Wow!! I'm truly amazed at how fast you put this all together. It's amazing,love the soapstone and marble and the blue island is perfect.

That wall with the fridge and the ovens looks so great. That's a kitchen to hang out in. Enjoy your family visit!!

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Stunning! It's just amazing how fabulous it turned out - in such a short time too! The cabinets are so beautiful! You made the best decisions possible. Somehow it turned out unique, practical, and period appropriate all at the same time.

I'm trying not to be envious, but it's very hard, especially since my kitchen is still not finished!

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I too am impressed at how quickly this has all come together! Love the blue island with the marble top. Your cabinet, floor and counter are very similar colouring to mine, so of course I approve! :>)

You obviously don't use your MW as much as we do (probably our most-used appliance- that and the toaster oven!) I'd be finding a place for it in the kitchen ASAP- I would probably put it somewhere between the stove and the sink...

Hope the in-laws are just as wowed as the rest of us are! :>)

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Absolutely fantastic! It's great seeing it all come together.

I love the way the baking area, with its different depths and finishes breaks up the high wall.

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Is it just me or has your remodel happened almost overnight? I'm still puttering around with backsplash and pendant lights and you are done!! Great job. I love your quartersawn oak cabinets with the soapstone. Beautiful!

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I love your kitchen too. I know you've answered a lot of questions already, but do you think you could post your specs?

Undercabinet Lighting:
Paint: Walls:
Special features:

I love your cabinets and hardware, and would love to know what you used.



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Now THAT is one huge improvement and a grand achievement! Congrats on a job well done. Love the soapstone, the cabs and wowee!! those floors!!!

Now, get cookin'!

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Hi Lynne,
Crown Point installed the hardware. I am not sure where they get it-- I think someone on here mentioned the source once, but I'm not sure.

Our trim paint was what the contractor had in his truck. The other details are in my original post.. thanks for the feedback & good luck with your project.

we really moved fast-- the inlaws imminent arrival helped speed things along. they just got in today and we enjoyed clam chowder, rustic bread, & beer! so glad it's finished.

thanks for the compliment. your kitchen is one of my all-time favorites, so that means a lot coming from you.

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Er, duh - sorry I missed that (skipped right to the pictures I guess - but doesn't explain why I missed it when I double checked before posting!)


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no problem-- I do that quite a bit too.

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I LOVE the CP oak w/candlelight stain. We almost went w/that for a contrasting island, andI think it works greatin your kitchen. I also love the countertops -- and the blue island is a fun, but still historic looking, addition. All around really classic kitchen.

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yours was great too, nats-md-- I had originally wanted inset, but CP does a fantastic job w/ the frameless.

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Ah looks wonderful. I am SO glad that it all came right for you and in perfect timing too. You have a beautiful space. The details are perfect and the soapstone is truly lovely. I hope you have had a great weekend. c

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I am also astonished at how quickly your kitchen came together. And it really is fantastic. The cabinets, especially, are gorgeous, and with the soapstone. . . sigh . . . they're perfection. I'm glad that everything worked out well for you.

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YOur before and after are amazing! I think you have a future in kitchen design if you want it. You will surely enjoy entertaining in the perfect kitche~ Enjoy!

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Man, stay away from GW for a couple of days and there are so many perfect kitchens posted!

Danielle, yours is absolutely charmingly grandma should be canning preserves while grandpa comes in from the fields. You will have many happy family meals around that table, I know.

Congratulations! It's beautiful!


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Thanks! It's been a joy to work in so far-- and, busybme, you're right-- it was a great weekend for kitchen reveals-- so many wonderful spaces to admire.

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I love it! I have been drooling over all the new kitchen posts and starting to second guess my choices, so I am SO happy to see your beautiful kitchen! We are doing quartersawn oak cabinets also, and probably soapstone (how could I not, after seeing it in so many wonderful kitchens!). I even have the same STEFAN chairs as you :-)

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Very nice-- warm, inviting, relaxing.

Such a nice change from the standard iceberg kitchen everyone is doing today...

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what a transformation! it's beautiful!

I raelly like the blue island!

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Beautiful! I love the quartersawn oak and soapstone.

May I archive your kitchen in the Finished Kitchens Blog?
If so please submit the FKB Category Checklist; it will help me categorize your kitchen details.


Here is a link that might be useful: FKB Category Checklist

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Danielle, your transformation is fantastic! Your kitchen is very beautiful, and I DO remember seeing it soon after you posted your pics because when I saw that "Vein" next to your sink, my heart lept. It leapt again when seeing it this time!
Did you plan it that way? It's awesome.

Will you and Eliz come transform my "modern house" into a farm house? :)

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You can put our kitchen in the FKB-- thanks!

The vein was definitely premeditated. Thanks for noticing.

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This kitchen is amazing! I am getting very drawn to the Crown Point frameless as I am finding, like you, that the regular cabinet lines are just not period kitchen friendly. I think I saw in another thread that you said your CP cabinets are much better quality than Omega/Dynasty etc. I just looked at Omega tonight and several details on them depressed me. Now I don't know how I am going to do my "budget" kitchen if even what is supposed to be a decent line does not meet my vision. The problem is the period kitchen business - I am going to find it so hard to put in "modern" cabinets.

I looked at CP website and I am wondering what your drawer boxes are made from on the frameless - are they wood or are they metal? Are you happy with them?

I was thinking of a painted off white kitchen but yours is making me reconsider and if as you say the oak is more economical then maybe it would be an answer for my problem. I am quite drawn too to their "transitional" line as it looks cottagey cute in a period kind of way.

Congratulations on a WONDERFUL kitchen, one of the nicest I have seen on here.

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The drawer boxes are wood. In the frameless line they used to be metal, but they've recently gone to all wood. The drawers are the same construction as the framed.

Oak is more economical and we really, really love it. Easy to clean, beautiful, warm.

Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it!

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