Sun Shelf or Bench or Nothing? Help!

sunshelfJune 8, 2011

I am building a sport pool 20 X 40 and I am thinking of putting in a sunshelf on one end or a bench that will run all the way on one of the longer sides of the pool? I am concerned that a sunshelf will take up too much of my pool and that we won't use it. Do you like your sunshelf? Will I like a bench in the pool or not? Will it be used. I have 3 athletic boys, ages 13, 10, and 4. I am putting a basketball hoop in middle on one side. They just dug the pool today so I am hoping you can give me some advice pretty quick here!! Thank You.

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I wouldn't bother. For a sport pool and one that'll be used mostly by boys (who rarely rest), I'd pass. We put a sunshelf in ours thinking our 4-year old daughter would use it. Not so much, she's more interested in being in the shallow end (she did love a sunshelf last year and spent most of her time on it). the other problem is that our pool has pebbletec, so it's not that comfortable for little ones to just hang out on it (as they did on last year's vacation rental plaster pool). Hope that's helpful. Good luck!

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I'd say go with both the sunshelf and benches. Our shelf is really just an oversized first step. It is a great entryway into the pool, just get your toes wet. It is also loved by our 4 year old and her friends. She can swim, but it is the only spot in the pool she can reach the bottom.

The benches are wear most people congregate (especially adults) in the pool. For kids playing they are also an easy way out of the pool.

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Thanks Texasdad. I was wondering how big your oversized first step is that you are using as a shelf? Our pool is rectangular. Are your steps curved or straight?

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I wish I could remember the name of the lady here that had a 20x40 rectangle sports pool. On one long side she had a (approx) 8'x15' sunshelf. It was quarter moon shaped with the edges of the moon tapering into the sides of the pool. It had 3 umbrella sleeves in it and the picture she posted showed 3 or 4 chaise lounges lined up on it, pretty as you please, with the umbrellas up. It was a very attractive pool. One of the umbrella sleeves was also a volleyball net sleeve with the other sleeve directly opposite on the other long wall. She had deck jets on the opposite wall, too. It was a sweet set up and she said she loved it.

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Mine is a circle, half edge, half open to the pool. It is about a 6' diameter with a small fountian in the center. Plenty of space to get your feet wet or little kids to play. Not big enough to really sit and tan.

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