Oh Boy - I need some input (Putting in Porch)

splatsSeptember 28, 2013

So here is the situation. I have a house in escrow that does not have a screened porch or sunroom. I would love to have a sunroom, but will never be able to spend the money I have seen listed for their cost. The best I can ever hope for is a screened porch.

Right now here is the setup. a 16sf concrete pad with a canvas awning. On the outer edge of the screen area is a low deck that really needs the decking replaced. You can tell from looking at it, it had a hot tub at one time, years ago. This setup is shown in picture below.

Here is my idea. To do things in two stages. Stage 1 would be to put in a ground level deck in the size I want, probably something like 12x20, with an aluminum roof. At some time in the future I would complete stage 2 and screen in the covered patio. I'm also trying to decide if I should just rip out that old deck or resurface it for a possible hot tub again someday.

Any comments appreciated

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Do you mean stage 1 would be to replace the concrete with decking and change awnining to aluminum? What would you do with the stepped up deck? I think a new deck abutted with an old deck will ruin the look.

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You can see the step up from the concrete pad to the house back door. I am thinking about laying treated 4x4's on the concrete pad and laying the decking on that from house to old deck. Then re-decking the old deck with same decking. There would still be a small step down to new deck and a small step up to old deck. My other thought, other than just removing old deck, would be to lower the old deck and rebuild it and new deck over concrete slab all at same height. I have also played wth the idea of just tiling over the concrete slab; but I really like the idea of decking in that, and the old area.

On the other hand, the whole existing thing is a nonfunctional UGLY mess. I may be better off just ripping it all out and starting over. One other concern is the fact it is really wet in Columbus MS, and I wonder about having a deck that is only 8" or so off the ground. Heck, I may be better off just ripping it all out as stated and pouring a new slab in the size I want.

Comments on any of this greatly appreciated.

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I would move into the house and do nothing until next spring. See how you use the area and observe how well, and where, water drains in the back yard.

Over the winter, take into consideration the condition of the deck and if you will use it as is.........if the hot tub were removed.
Another option: if the decking is in great shape you could remove the hot tub, clean and stain the deck, then stain the concrete.

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