new plaster stain removal tips?

Fori is not pleasedJune 10, 2011

We finished filling our newly replastered old pool yesterday and...well, if there is a tree hanging over your pool, it should probably be tarped or something. Anyway, there are a few blop marks on the steps that are pretty visible. Leaf or flower or fruit or bird poop. (It's a busy tree.)

Can I just scrub them off with a nylon scrubby without mangling the plaster? Thanks!

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Let the pool finish filling. Then you can use the pool brush to remove the stain. If that doesn't work to remove the stain and your pool is white plaster, you can use a piece of wet/dry sandpaper(80-100 grit) to lightly sand the stain out.

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Fori is not pleased

Thanks Geek. It's full and white and the stain doesn't brush out. Sandpaper sounds good!

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We had stuff stain our plaster during fill, leaves and some dirt. Once chlorine was brought up to 5 ppm after fill all the stains went away, organic in nature.

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Fori is not pleased

Thanks Goyom--I'll wait, and if the chlorine doesn't take it out, I'll get abrasive on it!

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