Pool pump motor temp

jccamsJune 1, 2011

Have a sta-rite 1HP pump motor. When the pool was opened this year I noticed that it was leaking at the connection between pump and motor. Pool company replaced the shaft seal and it stopped leaking for about 2 weeks then started again. They came out again yesterdy and replaced the shaft seal again that they said was broken in half.

The motor is very hot and I am wondering if this may be the problem with the seal. When I say hot I mean you cannot lay your hand on it. It is going on season 9 I believe. How hot is normal and what is the normal lifespan. Pool is open from mid May to beginning of Oct. runs 8-10 hours a day.

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Most motors have a thermal limiter switch which will shut the motor off if it gets too hot. But a bad seal can put an extra load on a motor so it draws more current and will then heat up more than usual. Also, pump motors in general will run on the hot side, especially the less efficient motors. A 1 HP full rated motor can draw up to 1800 watts of power and at least 25% is lost to heat and friction which is close to 450 watts. So the motor housing can get quite hot uner normal operation.

If the seal goes bad again, it could be that the motor shaft is slightly bent and causing the seal to fail.

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