It started with the rug...

K8OrlandoJanuary 11, 2014

So, it sort of started with the rug. Although you could say it started with Christmas, or rather, taking down the Christmas decorations. Or maybe it even started with the little jelly roll.

After taking down the Holiday decorations on the front door, I felt like it looked plain and kind of sad. So when I saw the cheerful aqua and white indoor/outdoor rug at Target on Thursday I bought it. It didn't seem like quite enough so I took one of the pool noodles, duct taped it into a circle, covered it with fabric and hung that up on the door. Closer, but still not enough. Of course what I thought it needed was a new wall hanging to match the rug!

I stared at my stash and there was the 1/2 jelly roll I bought on sale at Joann's about 2 years ago for just $7: aqua, white, brown and orange. Perfect!

I made some simple squares but it was a bit boring so I cut them a little wonky and added some white and gray borders, inspired by those modern quilts I've been looking at lately.

It went together quickly yesterday and the design left lots of small spaces for free motion quilting, so I used a different quilting pattern in each fabric. I've never been able to master feathers, but these came out pretty good! I finished the quilting and the binding today.

So it all started with the rug, but then I found a use for fabric bought a long time ago, used the ideas of quilts I've looked at recently, practiced some free motion quilting... and ended up with something I really like!

Christmas is over but my front door is once again welcoming and cheerful. I have lots of bigger projects I could have been working on, but it was fun to start and finish something so quickly.


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you amaze me with your creativity! So cute and clever and welcoming. Nice job.

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It's very cute!

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Too pretty to be outdoors! Great job from a talented quilter.

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Very nice, Kate! Small projects are lots of's nice to get the (nearly) instant gratification. :)


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Kate, Kate, Kate! It's perfect and knowing the background makes it perfecter (you do know I make up words, right?) You are really getting good at quilting!!! Your entryway is very inviting.


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Looks great Kate...very fresh and the quilting is really've got those feathers down!!!

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you are just tooooo much!! Now, how CUTE is all that, huh??? LOVE it!!!

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Beautiful! but I already knew you were artistic! Everything ties together so well.

I was looking at my front walkway trying to decide something to do that's between Christmas and Spring!

Your feathers are absolutely gorgeous! I have decide this is the year I will finally conquer them.

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Very pretty & welcoming. I like the wonky modern look. Nice quilting - looks like you are enjoying your new machine.

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I think it looks nice and cheery to welcome people into your home. You amaze me with all your quilting endeavors. Your entryway looks great.

Best to you,

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Fantastic! Your creativity makes a welcoming entrance that shares a bit about the resident.

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It just screams "KATE"! So nice to have that outside area to decorate.

Love those quick projects! Such a sense of gratification. Now you'll be ready to move on to something bigger and still feel empowered!

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You did a wonderful job of pulling everything together so quickly, without fussing forever (like I do). The entrance looks beautiful and I love the quickie quilt.

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I love it!!! I love the creativity, too. And to do it all so quickly. Your feathers are beautiful. I'm still struggling with those :-(


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I'm still struggling with the feathers too but this time it felt good. For the first time I found the rhythm of making them. I'm confident now that I can get better. I have tried for years and thought it would never happen!

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Very charming entry, Kate. You are soooo creative, and productive too.

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