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doogan123September 19, 2010

Hi folks,

I am taking on a DIY job at my back door next weekend and I need some help for one part of it.

I am adding a little mini deck outside a silding back door -nothing fancy. The door is 6ft - so I am going to put an 7 ft * 3 Ft box up. I am extending it 1 ft to the left of the door which opens, to give a little more room when going in with groceries, etc.

Building code in my town requests railing over 30 Inches. The height to top of platform will be 22" - so no railing required at this time.

I am planning on wraping the steps around the platform since I do not need railings and also its a very active back yard so it makes sense that you can come in from either side ( perception at least)

Here-in lies the problem. I have no problems measuring and calculating the stringers for the 2 short sides and the front. However at both the left and right corners, how do I calculate the corner stringers and attach them to the corner of the platform box?

I have googled the S#*t outta this and cannot come up with anything...

Thanks guys in advance

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Since you already know how to calculate stringers, this will be simple:

The corner stringers run at a 45 degree angle to the corner, if it is a 90 degree bend in the stairs. Use double stringers at corners. The rise is equal to your other stringers, but the tread length is 1.414 times greater. When you cut the stringers, cut the risers at a 45 degree bevel from the lines you draw, and alternate bevel directions to make an inside or outside corner.

If it is a long run of stairs, you need to add additional stringers off the corner stringers, running parallel to your regular stringers. It is the same idea as building a hip or valley in a roof.

Good luck!

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Aidan - Thanks a million. I figured that there must be a simple way to figure this out. its only going to be 3 steps.. so i should get through it. Thanks again!!

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