Any Pebble Sheens in MD/DC/VA?

thl1969June 18, 2010

My PB tells me he can only show me Ocean Blue in Pebble Sheen. He has no Bordeaux, Desert Gold or Blue Granite. Apparently, the Pebble Sheen installer would not give him the names of any Pebble Sheens they have done for other companies. I told him that I was surprised because I had read online how people were able to see everything they wanted, even going to competitors pools. So, if you have a Bordeaux, Desert Gold or Blue Granite Pebble Sheen and live within 2 hours of DC I would love to come and check it out. TIA.

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Did you ever see a blue granite or ocean blue pool? We are going crazy as well trying to find one before we make our final decision which needs to be made in a week! Pure panic as we can't find one to see. We are in Maryland and would be more than happy to drive to maryland, PA, VA, DC to see if anyone has one:)

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Sorry I don't have any of the colors you mentioned but I do have Aqua Blue Pebble Sheen and I live in Carroll Co. MD. You are more than welcome to come and see it. It is only one shade lighter than Blue Granite. I never saw a Pebble Tec product in person. I live in neighborhood of 30 homes and I am the 16th pool. One person has grey plaster and one has a Diamondbrite type of surface. The rest are white plaster. I am sure that the 'plaster' company you are working with is Wilcoxon. Give Diane a call and see if she can tell you anything. I spoke with her several times regarding my build since my PB flaked out on me a few times and I wanted to verify he was not lying to me. Wilcoxon is the only co. in the area (there is one outside of Philly) that is certified to do Pebble Tec. Let me know if you want to come by. That goes for you too Elke.

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Hey, thanks for the offer! 16 pools in one neighborhood! Amazing! We live in Frederick MD so we are close to you. We were able to see the aqua blue, love it. That is going to be our choice if we can't see the ocean blue or blue granite. We had a fiberglass pool that heaved over the winter so we have to replace it... I cried for two weeks... the color was similar to the aqua blue. We figured this time around we woukd do something a bit darker of a blue. It is so frustrating you look at all the pictures online and they all look so different even when you are looking at the same pool. I had spoken to Diane and she said our pool installer would need to call her, he did and she gave us those pool people contractors. We are waiting to hear back from the one with the ocean blue to see if we can see it, but the blue granite contractor said no they wouldn't contact their client. Oh well, worst case we do a blind leap of faith and hope the color we pick is the right one. Fingers are still crossed someone will see this post. We have 3 days to choose...I will definitely post pictures when it's done.

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Who is building your pool ElkeHusch? Backyard Creations out of Frederick is my builder.

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Laurel pools. They are going super quick, and doing a great job so far. They had the old pool out Monday, Tuesday replumb, Wednesday rebar, Friday wrapped the house in plastic, Saturday run the drains. This Tuesday is the gunite shoot. We saw a pool yesterday in liberty town that was pebbletec back pearl...beautiful, that was done by backyard creations. Have you seen either ocean blue or blue granite and what did you think of them?

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Laurel pools did a few in my neighborhood. I had not seen any pebble colors before I got mine. I knew I wanted a very blue pool with no green and little to no gray and not too dark since I have 2 young children and I hate snakes. I asked for opinions on here and looked at a ton of pics.

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Do you know of any emerald bay or turtle bay pebble pools in MD/DC/VA?! We are trying to decide on colors and need to make a decision in 2 weeks. I want to see these in person as online photos are sometimes misleading. Thanks!

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Does anyone have an emerald bay one in MD/DC/VA area I can see ASAP? I need to make a decision and think I want emerald bay but cannot find one!! Please help. Thanks!

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@megankheaps - I am in the process of finalizing my pool and saw on this thread you have a Pebble Sheen finish. I am trying to decide on Pebble Sheen or Pebble Tec. Would you mind if I came to look and feel the Pebble Sheen? I am making my self sick trying to make a decision but without seeing and feeling I am so afraid...

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