Using post anchors??

ekoreillySeptember 3, 2008

Hey there everyone. I have a deck with 7 posts

and I am looking at ideas on redoing the rails (they were like that when bought)

Ipretty much have settled on doing cedar 2x4's with black baulesters and figuring out a top rail. But it's the posts I am stuck on. THey need to be covered up, thoughts of wrapping them in Cedar or maybe using post anchors; I'd have to cut off the current ones flush and put a new cedar 4x4 in its lace with an anchor. Bad idea?

Here is a link that might be useful: post anchor thought

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Your existing 4x4 posts are probably carriage bolted throught the deck framing below the flooring. If thats the case they are probably very strong and I'd sleeve them with 1 x 6 cedar attached with construction adhesive and on the top shim them level. Cap them.

After that you can use any type of rail you want.

The link showint a way to mount new posts I think is poor.

If you'd like to email me to discuss further, please feel free to do so.

All the best,

The Porchguy

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Hey porchguy, things slowing down for you? So sleving them is better? ANything wrong with using cedat 1x6? should I miter the corner on those or butt up flat?

Any suggestion on the cap rail? My plan is to go flat across but on the corners I want to do caps (that would be 5 out of the 7 posts) with lights. I see eastteak has some nice rails.

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anyone have suggestions for a top rail cap? I will be using 2x4 (sideways) for the sub rails with metal balusters.

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