How difficult is it to install flush mounted cooktop?

repacMarch 4, 2013

GWers were so helpful with my granite disaster. Now can you help with my flushmount cooktop install?

A Wolf installer came out to install my Wolf flush mount induction cooktop. Had to use Wolf installer to get extra year of warranty. He spent 2 hours trying to install cooktop, will have to come back to finish sealing the edges. I'm not convinced it is completely flush.

Anyone else have experience with a flushmount cooktop? Are they really so hard to install?

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Not sure about that part of it but I know someone else posted about this late last week. The fabricator of her granite did a lousy job on the cuts around the cook top. I'll see if I can find the post for you. I believe the flush mount made the counter installation much trickier as it's not as common. If you decide to go with it, make sure whoever installs your counters has experience with installations around a flush mount cook top. (if you haven't already done your counters).

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Here was the thread - the post-er had a frameless flush mount Wolf cook-top. Hope this helps...

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Okay....I just noticed your name!! Lol, I linked you to your own post. I will remove my useless self from your thread now... ;) Good luck with your install, I hope it gets smoother from here for you.

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Thanks rebeccamom, i take it from the lack of responses that few people have a flush mounted cooktop. Guess we are not in the mainstream of choices! With a little luck, the Wolf installer will get it finished correctly the second time.

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I'm not sure what you mean by 'flush mount' so I'm assuming you mean frameless as in a 36" Wolf. I'm no expert but I recently GC'd my own kitchen and did a little research on this subject to check out the installer. Fortunately he was excellent and confirmed my assumptions. I have a Gagg but I took a quick look at the Wolf installation instructions and the process looks the same.

I can't imagine what would take 2 hours unless he was installing the electrical box for the unit as well. Basically, the unit just sits in the 5/16" recess your counter top man routed out and the wires are connected.

There is a foam strip that glues to the underside of the glass all the way around the edge to provide a cushion. After installation, the foam compresses and the unit sinks to be flush with the surface. If a silicone seal is to be applied, (makes for easier cleaning/ harder servicing) It is best to wait a couple of weeks until the settling is finished. If not the silicone can pull away or bubble up.

Two things to check, one is that the glass sinks to at least the level of the top otherwise a pan or something sliding can hit the edge and chip or crack the glass. The second is to choose the silicone colour. Black usually looks best to match the glass IMHO but you can use a colour to match the countertop particularily if the top is light and the cut edge is a bit ragged.

Hope that helps.

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