need large kitchen sink for 36" base cabinet

cynmMarch 18, 2013

We are redoing our kitchen and swapping our 30 inch sink base cabinet for a 36 inch. As a result, the sink will not be centered under the window. Any suggestions? I was leaning toward a single bowl offset undermount. I've learned so much just reading all your posts! thanks for any and all suggestions.

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I still love my Blanco wave and 3/4 after 10 years. I have the drop in style, as I have tile counters.

The larger sink fits a whole jellyrolly pan or cookie sheet flat on the bottom.

I can get my 10 in skillet with handle flat on the bottom in the small side

Here is a link that might be useful: blanco wave sink

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I am going to be getting the Blanco microedge precision. It is a double bowl and drop in (flush mount) but they make others that are undermount.

Here is a link that might be useful: blanco microedge

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We've got the Oliveri 886U and love it. Specs indicate 39" cabinet, but our cabinet guy said he could make it work in a 36" and did. It's one of my favorite parts about my house. Both sides of the sink are a nice size. I had originally thought I'd wash in the big side and rinse in the small side, but I actually do the opposite. The small side is right at the size of 1 basin of my old Kohler double bowl. The larger side has the grid in the bottom and makes it perfect for rinsing and draining dishes--no more drain board on the counter!

Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Oliveri 800 Series Sinks

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I have a Franke, you can get other models with offset. I'm not sure if this model has it. Not having the drain offset didn't bother me. The size of this sink makes kitchen work easier. I no longer have to completely empty it to spin wash my greens, just move plates/bowls to the side. The grid allows you to drain cups/glasses etc. yes, goodbye dish drain. When I first ordered it I was concerned about the size(never having had a large sink before) but you can always make it a smaller double bowl with a plastic tub(for soaking) but you can never make a small sink larger.
I will never go back to the small cramped sink I had before.

Here is a link that might be useful: franke professional

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Ancona sells through Costco, and their ss sinks are excellent quality, good prices.

How about an Ikea Domsjo sink, ceramic, 36", two bowls, affordable, pretty!

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Thanks for all your suggestions. and Thank you EATREALFOOD: I am actually leaning toward the Franke Orca ORX110. It's gorgeous - if sinks can actually be gorgeous. I like the idea of being able to put a drainer or whater on one side when I need it and not have it there all the time so that i can still wash the large cookie sheets, roasters, etc. The interior at the largest point is 29.5 x 18.75 which I like. I also like the flow of the offset as it looks a little different than a single rectangle since hubby really wants his granite or quartz! now i need suggestions regarding which way to go with the stone countertops! i would either go for a treated granite (sensa) that doesn't need sealing for 15 years or the quartz. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Here is my sink. It has the ledge with colander, drain, bottom rack, and cutting board. It is beautiful. Heavy too. It is 32" wide.

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Kind of like Peke's, we ended up with a 32" zero radius SS from Nantucket. They had the same model with an offset hole which we wanted, but when we saw a center hole for less than half we grabbed that one. Good luck. Post yours when installed.

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Peke, what model and kind of sink is that? I love the cutting board and colander!

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