flying ants in pool?

busyredhedJune 20, 2008

I'm in California so we don't do nets over our pools here, but we've started getting a few flying ants in our pool. I called the pest control company and they're coming out today, but my husband caught one last night at dusk in the pool and this morning there were about 12 of them floating in my pool. I thought they were dead, but they are alive. I caught another one to show my pest control guy, thinking it was dead, but once I got it in the jar of water, it just sits on the top breathing or drinking the water? I just see bubbles. I'm sure it's an ant and not a termite, but has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you get rid of them? They look like large black ants with pretty large wings about the length of the body. Any info would help.

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They are indeed flying ants, and if you only have 12 then count yourself lucky. They're called "swarmers" and pose no harm or threat of increased risk of ant infestation, but usually you see them in the hundreds (if not thousands) when they're active. They'll be gone soon, they usually are only seen for a few days to a week. I would call pest control and tell them you don't need them after all, because all they're going to do is charge you for something they can't fix!

By the way, when I cleaned out my skimmer baskets yesterday there must have been 200 of them in there.

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Thank you. Hopefully they won't get worse before better.

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I believe that was what was biting me last night in the pooL!

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Man we had some of those. Don't know why they like to sit on the water upside down--they are kinda stupid. I thought they were termites. They were going into the pool faster than we could net them out.

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My Pest Control company came out to look at it and says it's flying carpenter ants, but not from any nest in my yard. Told me there's not much I can do except just scoop them out and kill them when they get in the pool.

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over the last few weeks we have had the flying ants in our pool 3 or 4 times. We are just outside Dallas, Tx. I would say on top and in the skimmer there is about 100. Last night we put down some ant killer around the pool. Afer the first time I thought they were coming from around the pool....then I finally figured out they are flying into the pool. Its funny....I was thinking about starting a thread last night and then blew it off.

Hey is the SWG working????

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I can't believe the number of "bugs" in general that die in the pool and then get sucked into the skimmer. I always have lots of bugs floating in my pool. If I haven't had a wind that brings the leaves then I am skimming dozens of beetles, bees, flies, ants and nats out of the pool. I haven't even been having the light on at night and they still come. Lets far I have reached into my skimmer and found a dead bird, a dead mouse, and all those bugs. I do use a skimmer sock and man do I love those. I don't even clean them I just throw them away and replace them. They do the best job. I just now came in the house from skimming bugs and replacing the skimmer sock, "Robbie" the Robot is cleaning away the sides and bottom of my pool whilst I relax for a moment!


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I'd rather have ants than June Bugs. The whole time I'm reaching in to pull out my skimmer basket, I've got a huge case of the heebie jeebies.

I think there were 50 in there the other night, and one my dog's tennis balls had gotten in there and they were all over it and wouldn't come off.

I'm grossing myself out just typing this.

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ok smbnobles. You win!!! I am grossed out just reading your reply. I hate bugs and I get freaked out just grabbing my skimmer basket when there is a bee or two in it. My 12 year old kills spiders for me because I just can't stand any kind of bugs, especially spiders and bees and June Bugs are just creepy.
Hey, Kahbear, what's a skimmer sock? I'm a new pool owner and haven't heard of those yet.

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Skimmer sock -- think pantyhose for your skimmer basket. They're nylon socks that have elastic at the top. You fit it over your basket and they catch crud.

And Busyredhead, nothing beats Texas' state bird, the Asian Flying Cockroach. I am absolutely petrified of them. I can't even touch a picture of one.

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True, no one likes to reach into the skimmer. I just got this new replacement basket which has a tall "handle". I mainly got it for any frogs to hold onto until I can get them out.

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Some ant facts:

All ants have two types of ants that fly - the queen and all the males. The rest of the ants are all females. They only fly when it's time to mate. Then the queen goes back in the nest and the males die.

So what you've found was probably the result of a wild orgy party that's now come to an end. :)

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Hey Bob, as a matter of fact the guy is here installing the SWG right now!! They were supposed to install it a couple of weeks ago, but one of their guys got injured and apparently had our work ticket because they didn't realize they missed us until I called a few days ago to ask for a status report. It should be up and running in about an hour.

The ant population is now gone, we had just that one day where there were tons of them in the skimmer and that was it. We keep our yard treated and don't have any mounds, so they probably just blew in during one of the storms we've had recently.

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I had some kind of flying ants about a week ago. I was outside and saw about 1/2 a pool with them and some on the deck. When I went out the next morning the pool was at least 3/4 full on them. Been here 14 years and never saw that before. At first I thought it was some kind of termite but looked more like an ant. Weird.

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carenlynn, where did you get that skimmer basket? I really like it. I get the heeby jeebies cleaning out my skimmers too, so I just make DH do it. ;-)

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I suggest you to use pool nets. Even though, there are many flying ants in your pool, you can avoid that insects to swim on your pool by using pool leaf nets.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pool Covers

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We are in MA. and I swear we have this issue every year. Yes I do think it's a mating thing. The first year it happened there were thousands of them. I can do spiders, snakes,even mice (if they're not in my house) but I hate ants. I have my house and yard done 2x a year. It is amazing how many of them there are. I just scoop them and toss over the side.

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