TWP Garapa Porch Stain

bhw85September 29, 2013

About a year ago, I remodeled my front porch and used Garapa T&G with TWP Pecan stain. Thanks to all the advice I picked up from this site it turned out awesome. After about a year, most of the stain still looks perfect (porch is covered). The edges, however, get hit with some rain and sun so they are starting to fade.

So here comes the question - what do I need to do to keep the porch looking great and prevent the edges from turning gray? Reapply a coat of stain over the whole deck? Oxalic acid scrub and restain?

I'm kind of lost on what the best approach is and I'm afraid of doing more harm than good to it. If any of the experts want to weigh in on this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for all the advice posted on this site - the porch wouldn't have turned out nearly as good without it.

See pics below. It's hard to see the fading on the picture but the stain is definitely starting to wear out there.

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I think it goes without saying that your project turned out amazing! What I would recommend is using a deck cleaner and brightener over the entire Porch surface with going a tad heavier on the grayed areas. The graying is a combination of some sun fading along with dirt, pollen, and pollutions in general being "baked" onto the porch itself by the sun. To help prevent it in the future I would recommend hosing off or cleaning the deck fairly regularly to get the pollution off before it bakes in. I'd do this right before the Sun goes down or is done shining on the porch for the day.

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