porch post with stone base

tksully69September 10, 2009

I want to add some porch posts to my current porch. These would be purely for decorative purposes as the roof of my porch is self-supporting. I would like to have about a 3 ft base that is covered with stone veneer and then put a 6 foot 8x8 wood post to the top. Couple of questions. First, I know I have to build a wood frame for the stone. Should I make that frame to sit on the floor joists of my porch or can I sit that on top of my composite floor I already have? Second, do I need the beam that runs across the ceiling of the porch since the posts are only for decorative purposes? Finally, do I need the posts to go all the way to the bottom of the porch or can I just tie those in to the top of the stone base? Thanks.

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1. Since it's not load bearing, it should be ok to sit on the porch decking. But consider whether you're going to need to replace the deck boards in the future and how difficult it will be with the veneer on top of it.

2. You don't need a beam for support, but you might want it for the aesthetics to tie it in with the other load-bearing posts.

3. I'd recommend putting the post top to bottom, inside the veneer as well as above it. You'll be more likely to get a good, plumb post that way.

One more thing to consider: if you're putting stone on top of a wood structure, it may not be engineered to support it. Decks are generally engineered to support about 50 psf. How much will your stone veneer weigh?

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