Please show me subway tile backsplashes w/ light wood cabinets

Fun2LearnMarch 28, 2011

I have been looking at photos of subway tile backsplashes (I recently posted the question asking for recommendations about crackle-glazed subway tiles), and I am noticing that almost all the white or off-white subway tile backsplashes seem to be used with white or off-white cabinets. However, my cabinets are a honey-spice maple (my granite countertop is a creamy off-white.) Does anyone have any photos to share of subway tile backsplashes used with light-toned wood cabinets? Do you think that off-white subway tiles with my cabinet color will be too stark looking or uninteresting? I love the white subway tile with white cabinets--but will I love it with honey-spice maple cabinets?

I can't seem to find a natural stone that works well with my granite (they all have too beige or pinky -beige of an undertone, or are too busy with my busy granite.) Thanks for any help you can give.

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Hmm, I think my cabs are medium, rather than light . . . but here's mine. I used the 4 x 8 Daltile matte biscuit subs, so not quite the traditional size.

Get some samples, do some mock-ups, take pictures, and post. That's what I did, and the peeps here helped direct me in the right way!

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Hi Fun...

My backsplash is creamy white..Crema Marfil Tumbled Marble. It doesn't have any pink undertones..I've posted my kitchen many times, so I'm sure you've seen it.

Here's a link to Arizona Tile. If it looks pinkish on your monitor, that's not how it looks in reality.

Scroll down to see different sizes..I used the tumbled brick mesh 2 x 4 inch.


Here is a link that might be useful: crema marfil tumbled marble

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I have a few pictures of subway. NOt all of them are
white subway with light wood but maybe they can help
others who are reading your post.

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RJR- I love your glass mosaics with the white subway tile. May I ask what color/brand they are? They look like they might work as an accent for me.
Kitchen additct:I googled to find your kitchen, and I do remember seeing it before-probably when I had googled for pics of crema marfil backsplashes! I do love the look of the crema marfil and had ordered a sample. However, my sample doesn't look like a "perfect" fit for my granite, but it is very close to what I think would look good.I had considered ordering another sample of a different kind. Yours really goes with yours. Is yours the turkish or Spanish crema marfil? I understand that there are different types and grades, and I wonder if that can affect the shading.
thanks Boxer pups for the photos. The first one looks similiar to my cabinet color and granite color. I remember seeing this photo before. In looking at it- I don't think the backsplash does anything special for the kitchen-sort of plain vanilla. I think I'd like something to jazz it up, personally-maybe- like a row of glass mosaics?

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Hi again Fun..

I have no idea if mine is turkish or Spanish...sorry...but good luck in your search for the right tile!

rjr..your kitchen is gorgeous...classy.

and boxer...always enjoy the pics.


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Fun: the glass tiles are Sumi-e mosaic tiles, I chose the Ogari natural -- of course, my inspiration was another GW'er!. Made me blow the backsplash budget . . . . You can get samples from Mosaic source.

Kitchenaddict -- thanks -- I've had to wipe the drool off my computer screen after looking at your kitchen!

Here is a link that might be useful: lsumi-e tiles

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