Pebble Tec Colors??? Tahoe Blue or Tropical Breeze

deninaustinJune 14, 2008

Hi, I have to decide of which color to put in our pool soon and it's a free form pool with waterfalls and tons of natural rock, so we want it to look somewhat natural. I want the color of the water to be medium to dark blue/gray and I'm trying to avoid a greenish color. We are going back and forth on Tahoe Blue and Tropical Breeze (and open to anything else that would look nice in the that setting) and would like to get your opinion. It's so hard because sometimes the Tahoe Blue looks really blue and sometimes kind of blue/green....can you post pics if you have either of these colors or if you've seen them in person, can you give your opinion. Thank you so very much!

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The Tahoe blue will look a little more Acqu under FULL overhead Sun.

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I have Tahoe Blue and I think my water looks like the water in Cancun. There is a touch of green to it at times, but far more blue. I absolutely love it.

Here are some pictures of my pool, and some that I took of the water alone for another member of the board. Hope this helps!

Water color in full sun:

Water color in the shade:

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Here are several of a friend's pool that has Tropical Breeze. I've not seen Tahoe Blue in person, but I think I like the pictures of that color better than the Tropical Breeze. We were going to get it, but decided on Blue Lagoon. We wanted a little lighter color. It's tough to make the decision. Good luck and let us know what you decide.

Here is my Blue Lagoon (with Abalone Shell added) just in case you would like to consider it. Keep in mind that my pool hasn't quite finished filling and has untreated city water it in, so I think the color will deepen a little more.

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That first picture of Tropical Breeze looked like my Tahoe Blue, but not the others. It looks much lighter.

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Tahoe Blue Pebbletec is pretty dark. On anything but absolutely sunny days, it will be blue and at sunset it will be a very dark blue. Just like Lake Tahoe. The Stonescape Tahoe Blue on the hand is close the Pebbletec Carribean blue.

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I didn't realize that were different manufacturers that both used the same name (or are they the same, just a different type of product?). Just to clarify, mine is Pebble Tec.

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Yes, there are several different pebble manufacturers. My last pool was PebbleTec Carribean Blue and my neighbors was PebbleTec Tahoe Blue so I know what both of them look like. The colors are not equivalent between the two brands.

The Tropical Breeze is going to look more like the light-Med. blue of a reg. plaster pool.... Stonescape has a similar color...can't remember the name now.... We opted not to go with that look because its virtually the same color as plaster say with a 0-20% blue quartz. Its cheaper to go with plaster if thats the color you want IMHO.

My opinion is neither the PebbleTec Carribean blue or the Tahoe blue have much of a green look except dead middle of a very sunny day...Looking straight down from a window at the pool. At any kind of angle, the light we reflect more blue than Aqua especially with Tahoe. I would go with the Tahoe.

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I agree Barco. I see very little green when looking at my water. All I can say is, I'm very, very happy with the Tahoe Blue. :-)

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I feel your pain....this is the same color problem I had last year. I went crazy trying to decide and in the end chose Tahoe Blue. I loved the color of the stones...they looked natural and went with my "brown" noche theme I had going on with the rock waterfall, periti black tile and noche travertine decking. While I loved the color of Tropical breezes water, I liked the pebble color of Tahoe on the stairs and bench. The stones were browns, tans and black. Tropical breeze had red and green stones mixed in there, which in the shallow areas (stairs and bench) were not as natural looking. Call me crazy, but that was my deciding factor. I am not sorry I chose tahoe blue, they both are very pretty colors. Tropical breeze has a slightly richer blue, than Tahoe. Tahoe is not green, sandy beach is green. I would say Tahoe sometimes looks like a teal blue. It was a really hard decision....sometimes I wish the pool was more deep blue, but I still like Tahoe. Either way you will love the color!!

Here are some pictures of our Tahoe Blue. I really do not think my camera catches the true color, it looks so much better in person. The last picture is probably the best for color, the first is not a good pic as far as what it really looks like. Did you go see some pools in these two colors?

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Thank you guys so much for posting!!!! I really appreciate the help :) It is really nice to see some pics of other pools with these colors. I think they are all pretty nice, so I guess no matter what, it will end up looking good. I really do appreciate the help though!

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I have Tahoe Blue and love it but I almost wore the samples out trying to decide so I know where you are at.

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Its kind of self defeating when you say I want a rich blue but I want it to be natural....well rich med. blue is kinda fake. The only place I have seen anything close that naturally is in Banff....and even that was more tealish. Nature gives you more of the teal blue or very dark blue. So when you say you want sky blue, thats a white "based" plaster finish and in my opinion that is "fake" blue. Its looks nice don't get me wrong...but its not what I would call "natural".

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I have Tropical Breeze and absolutely love it. We just got it last week, and I only have pics right now of the pool empty. (Not much help, I know :)

If you are still undecided, I can try to take some pics today or tomorrow and post them.

I wanted little or no green at all, and that is why I elected not to go with Tahoe Blue. The Tropical Breeze has ended up being so pretty - I could not be happier.

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Hi there---we have Stonescapes Tahoe Blue and LOVE IT. I agree with gk5040---make sure you check the colors of the actual pebbles in the finish regardless of which pebble company you go with!!!! We have a lagoon pool with double waterfalls with moss rock and flagstone coping/decking--we wanted the natural look. I had thought we were going to go wth Stonescapes Midnight Blue for a deeper blue but hated the blue pebbles in the mix. When I went to go check out three pools with Midnight Blue, I could never get past how fake the blue stones looked on the sunshelves, steps, and spas---the areas of a pool you first see close up. They looked like fish tank gravel!! Tahoe Blue had natural looking pebbles. Look for a natural looking mix!!!! Also make sure the plaster company uses black returns and drains--not white. We also got a Polaris Black Max--do't get a white pool cleaner--it will not blend in. Best of Luck to you!!! Decisions, decisions...

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We have the Tahoe Blue Pebble Tec with abalone shells mixed in. I love the color of the water, and the pebble makes our 37 year old pool look a lot newer!


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Sorry...I guess I can't remember how to post a picture in this forum! Let me try again!

Here is a link that might be useful: Tahoe Blue

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Are you glad you added the shimmering sea/abolone shells added in? Has it made a difference in sparkle? Does it hurt your feet more?
Your pics are gorgeous!

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