Pebble Fina Owners -- come in!

Tina2011June 25, 2011

Do you love your Pebble Fina finish? Would you go with Pebble Fina again, given the choice? Why did you choose Pebble Fina over other products out there?

Can you post pictures? I would love to see your pools--esp if you have any of the "galaxy" colors!

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I would not recommend it.. I went with the pebble fina grigio. the color looks great but the finish is VERY picky and hard to get right.

unlike the other pebbletech finish, this finish is not acid washed following application. It is VERY depedent on having the perfect acidic water condition and constant brushing to get an even appearance. Even with constant brushing - unless your PB is hypervigilant about coming over immediately once the pool is filled to start the filters and add acid, the finish will end up very splotchy.

We brushed constantly for 2 weeks; 4-5x/day... Our startup is handled by someone contracted by our PB. Our finish looks really uneven right now. We are trying to get them to agree to a drain and acid wash, maybe at the end of the summer...

If I had to do it over, I would go with pebble sheen... from afar, the water looks great and sparkles beautifully... up close and in the shadows, you can see the many imperfections..

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Pebble Fina is great if applied correctly. Installers have to undergo extensive training and oversight. For tomtnt, are you sure you received PEBBLE FINA and not a knock-off? Find out who your installer was and double check with the Pebble Tec website to see if they are an authorized applicator. There are only two in all of Houston, for instance.

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Plaster folks are hardly extensively trained, heck they often don't speak English.

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I have bella blue pebble fina installed by Modern Method Gunite about 6 weeks ago. It was acid washed as part of the installation. I'm happy with it.

02.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket">

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