Looking for short 120v LED rope lights

DarelSeptember 1, 2011

I've been looking all over for LED rope lights in SHORT lengths - like, 4 inches long or so. Nothing bigger than 6 inches. I'd like 120v, and they can be flexible or rigid but I'd like them to be at least approximately the size of a common rope light.

I plan on routing a groove into the undersides of post caps and the edges of steps and epoxying the light strip into the groove, so it's not visible unless you're laying on the ground. The goal is to make the groove as small as possible, so I'd like the diameter to be around 1/4" or so. If I can find this in a 3"-6" length, that would work great for post caps.

Obviously none of the big box stores have them, I've tried looking online and buying bulk by the roll would be awesome, but it seems like the ones I found can't be cut to length (only the DC ones can be cut, not the AC?).



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Why not go with low voltage DC?
then you can use waterproof led strips or modules w/o routing all that wood!!!
I put strip leds(3M adhesive) under my lower rails, low voltage DC, and use a wireless remote for on/off.


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Either way I'm going to recess them into the wood. I'd just rather work with 120v.

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