Anyone Have a Verona 48" Dual Fuel??

aktillery9March 14, 2013

I was researching the Verona 48" dual fuel. I cannot seem to find any rating on this range.

Does anyone have experience with this range or the brand?


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I have a 36" Verona gas range. I bought it as a floor model. I don't love it, don't hate it. It's fine, but a few things irritate my compared to my old 30" GE profile. Here's my dislikes:
1) I miss the digital controls. My verona has no timer, no precise setting for temperature (turn knob wherein 4=350, 5=400).
2) My verona has a center burner with a wok ring, but I would have preferred an oblong center burner
3) My verona sits on legs about 5 inches off the floor. I hate it when things fall under there and my dogs barks at it until I retrieve
4) My verona came with an 8" stainless steel backguard which now has a heat mark on it, probably from my cast iron pan leaning against it. Also, I am not sure how to deal with this ss backguard when I do my tile backsplash
5) The oven can be noisy when internal fan kicks on. Internal fan seems to be automatic and uncontrollable (but not sure, I haven't looked in manual). This fan is not a range top vent fan. It is internal to the verona and seems to kick on without rhyme or reason
6) The range burners knobs operate like a bbq. Push in and turn to ignite. The flame comes on quite high. I am not comfortable letting my 12 year old use it unless I turn it on.
7) I tend to burn things in the oven whereas I never did in my GE. I guess its a learning curve.

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Here's some feedback I received on kitchen forum. Regretfully, the price lured me despite this worth while advice:

Here is a link that might be useful: GW Appliance Forum - Verona

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