Color undertone: Elkay's "Divinity" in Medallion & Schuler

SparklingWaterMarch 26, 2013

I'm thinking of ordering "Divinity Classic" or "White Icing" PCO varnish cabinetry by Elkay.

"Divinity Classic" is a a creamier off white, but it may tend to yellow undertone(s) which I prefer not to have. "White Icing" is white and I'm not picking up grey undertones.

If any of you have these cabinets or as a dealer know their undertones, would you please comment? Do most tend to favor white over off white cabinets?

Our kitchen would look well with either. I have noticed that White Icing is easier to match granites to, due to the neutral white and lack of cream. Our hardwood floors will go well with either also and our kitchen faces east so we're choosing white toned painted cabinets.

I've done the white paper test: White Icing is not as bright as Hammerhill superbright copy paper; I don't see grey in it, just neutral.

I'd appreciate it very much if you could weight in on this question tonight if you could. I'm close to placing a cabinet order. Thanks very much for any response.

(I didn't post a photo due to computer color compromise, especially on whites).

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I'd love to know what people say about white icing. I really liked divinity in the store, but when I looked at the sample in my own kitchen (no exterior windows) it read very yellow to me and it did not go well with my tile floors at all. So now I'm leaning towards white icing. But I don't have a sample of it so I can't tell how white it really is (how white it would look in my kitchen) and if it has an undertone.

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I do have a small paint sample of both, maria. When I put them during the day time near a moderate sun window on separate white Hammerhill copy paper (super bright) it reads as follows:

white icing: neutral white- no clear evidence of gray/blue undertones nor yellow. Richer white than superbright. Placed against my BM Dove White Trim its a little whiter.

divinity: creamier off white. slight yellow undertone (particularly noticed in fluorescent light). Placed against my Dove White trim, it's noticably creamy off white.

For what it's worth, I placed my cabinet order in White Icing today, with families blessing. THe color opens up greater paint color and counter top choice imho.

Good luck.

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I have Shuler cabinets in Divinity. Love them. They are definitely creamy. ..Had a pricier impact When it came time to choose countertops. But I would do it all over again.

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Here's another photo...

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petuniatwelve-I only hope my kitchen is as lovely as yours. Divinity Classic is a beautiful color, and one I held onto until the very end. Thank you for sharing your kitchen photos with us. You must smile when you walk and rest in your soothing kitchen.

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OT, Petuniatwelve, what is the brand of your range?

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