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tcullSeptember 24, 2013

Sorry if this is not the correct forum section. We recently had a very nice Cedar tongue and groove privacy fence installed. It runs 70' on the side of my property line and then does a 90 degree turn to our house. The sections to the house are about 20' with a 10' gate installed. We are happy with the fence except for the gate. They have already come back twice to "fix" the gates as they were either not level or not finished properly. Today after their third visit they claimed victory. I am still not happy as I think they left a real large gap between the 2 gate sections. It is also not even, though better than before. The gap ranges from 7/8" at the top to over an 1 1/8" at the bottom. It just does not look like a real quality job. I was wondering if I am over thinking this or if the gap is really too large. I was thinking maybe a 1/2" all the way would be acceptable. I don't want to nit pick, and they have been back twice already but I want to get some opinions on this. The fence was not cheap and the company has a good reputation. I spent more money with them and expected a quality job.

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Off hand, with that much of a width difference in the gap, I'd say the posts are not plumb. But, it could also be that the frames of each gate are not square.
I'm assuming both gates swing inward? The easiest fix is to get the top of the gate level, then attach a 1x4, vertically, to the left side of the gate so that it overlaps the right side when you close the gate. They should be able to use the same wood as your fencing for the 1x.
They'll also need to move the lower lock farther to the right and reattach the upper lock so the 1x has room to overlap.

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"Posted by annz
Off hand, with that much of a width difference in the gap...."

This sounds like good information. I hope the OP sees it.

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